The 1980’s wasn’t all parties, rah-rah skirts and side-ponytails. It was the Cold War. Chernobyl. The Berlin Wall. And the best ‘poncing’ about in pop music history.

Enter a world of artsy, decadent 80’s pop music excess as your host Geraldine Quinn gives you a crash course in apocalyptic 80s - inviting you to sing along to gloriously pretentious hits of the era.

Inflate those luft balloons and pout to the tunes of Ultravox, Spandau Ballet, Bonnie Tyler, Pat Benatar, Duran Duran - and many more - as Geraldine Quinn digs through this fabulous era to present a loving, parodic, hilarious and exotic interactive cabaret-like none other.

Lyrics, sartorial tips and dance moves supplied. Prizes for best pretentious Euro-centric 80s outfit. Grab your shades. Pop your trench coat collar - you have a date with GLAMOUR.

Oh. Vienna.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

This show is not recommended for audiences 12 and under. There is a touring party of 2 which makes this show a very reasonable cost to tour. Geraldine's show also includes projection.

Performing Arts venues of Queensland, hello! We bring you our company Winding Road Productions. For the past 12 months we have been providing Victoria and parts of NSW with a selection of our fabulous shows. It's your turn!!!

Melissa Langton and Mark Jones have been touring Australia with cabaret shows, musicals and plays for 30 years!
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Unique Selling Point

Geraldine Quinn is an award winning world renowned cabaret artist and vocalist. She is also a fabulous female comedienne. Her show blends her wicked sense of humour with a tongue in cheek jab at the 80's. She has never toured to Queensland.

Marketing Materials

We can provide final high res poster art and video advertising through Dropbox. Geraldine also has several recordings that can be used as part of her promotion.

Community Engagement

There are a lack of shows for the 40-55's market. Most evening shows are aimed at an older audience or a younger audience. This is aimed at the audience in the middle! Geraldine blends the contemporary with the kitsch and adds outrageous comedy. She is also a multi cabaret award winning entertainer. She could do unique workshops or masterclasses based around comedy and cabaret.