Supercell is looking to tour to regional Queensland in the form of festival pop-ups from 2021 onwards.

Backing up from the Brisbane late February dates, the Festival would be available in early March 2021, bringing a mini-festival offering to places and spaces outside of South-East Queensland.

A specially bundled package suitable for touring to regional venues, would include a program of international artists, national companies and Queensland independent performances.

To achieve this Supercell would work with the regional venues and partners to create a full festival experience tailored to the interests of their region; from the performance program to films, conversations and workshop components that tour with the festival.

All regional festival pop-ups will reflect the festival proper with enough elements for a flexible and bespoke response to new locations and their audience’s interests.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Supercell presents a slice of our festival program and elements can be 'mixed and matched' to tour QLD.

Supercell: Festival of Contemporary dance is a celebration of people and place through vibrant and exquisite dance experiences. Supercell is a week long festival held in the summer months in Brisbane. As a festival model, Supercell believes that dance is for all and situates a performance program around see, talk, do, dream, debate and celebrate! Capturing performances, conversations, workshops, film screenings, events and gatherings.

We believe that through embodied art and culture we can cultivate empathy - one of humanities greatest traits.

Founded in 2015 by Kate Usher and Glyn Roberts, Supercell was launched in the midst of a sweltering summer - a collision of beauty, ferocity, spectacle and rejuvenation. After the first edition, Glyn took up the helm at Castlemaine State Festival and Kate has continued to be the driving force of Supercell, cultivating international relationships, travelling to world-class festivals for inspiration and consulting with communities and artists.

Since then Supercell has delivered three festival editions to date and is preparing for our fourth edition for February 2020:

  • Only annual presentation platform of this kind in Australia
  • Has reached 15,000 audience members
  • Has engaged over 65 artists
  • Has programmed three international delegations from across Europe and Asia
  • A 96% positive response from audiences who love Supercell!

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Supercell acknowledges the broad-church of styles within contemporary dance and is committed to creating a program which reflects current global trends in dance that speak to the lived experiences of its audiences.

Supercell programming engages with current affairs (identity, gender politics, human rights, first nations art and culture, environment & geopolitics) placing them in a framework that forefronts access, catering to both the dance novice and aficionado alike.

Supercell presents a package of high-calibre works by international artists, Australia's major dance companies and QLD locals in the one program. Providing a suite of experiences that generate critical mass for audience impact.

Marketing Materials

  • Supercell engages Aruga PR to assist in our promotions each festival
  • Supercell generates a hero image and poster which is rolled out across all pieces of collateral
  • Supercell manages a dynamic website which hosts the festival program and ticketing links
  • Supercell develops and PDF program and a printed program
  • Supercell manages a dynamic social media presence notably through our Instagram feed
  • Supercell manages all artist marketing copy and shapes this to suit Queensland audiences
  • Supercell generates a promo video

Community Engagement

The festival is underpinned by an audience-centric curation model which builds holistic experiences – ‘the Supercell festival journey’. By offering experiences in multiple formats (live and virtual performances, audio, kinaesthetic and embodied offerings, sensory materials and spaces for dialogue) Supercell generates dance literacy through critical mass and festival vibes. In doing this it contributes to the demystification of the art form.

The presentation programming is supported by a PARTICIPATE Program of Workshops, A THINK program of conversations on big ideas and CAPTURED, a film program for dance films. Placing contemporary dance between other reference points from social dance, popular culture, and traditional dance forms.

This program is supported by dedicated arts development experts and can be tailored to specific communities or venues needs.