Not for the faint hearted, SuperGirly ensures no star is safe from her killer vocals, outrageous lyrics and razor-sharp wit. She takes on some of pop music’s biggest stars, with hysterical digs at the likes of Madonna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus... and what she does to Britney Spears can only be described as pure justice.

The self-crowned “Pop Princess” now has her favorite movie star Bradley Cooper by her side (or perhaps just an unemployed actor who answered an ad in the paper), and together they take the audience on an all-singing, all-dancing intimate look into her mad world. And just when they feel safest, she gets amongst them - even inviting people to join her on stage. This is a place where anything can happen... and usually does.

SuperGirly: Return of the Pop Princess is a musical rollercoaster - an all-out assault on the world of pop that will have you screaming, laughing and wincing all at the same time. It will change the way you listen to pop music forever!

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
Four (2 performers, 2 crew)

Mature Audiences Only. Strong Language Warning. We definitely suggest a PG/M rating on this one. We have had children attend with their parents, and they loved it too, but note it is definitely not "family-friendly"! If any venue is very particular about getting a toned-down (non-swearing) version, please let us know in advance and we can modify - the SuperGirly product has appeared at family-friendly festivals etc in the past - but we need to prepare a separate "clean" package of backings etc.

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Since we began in 2012 we have presented over 243 performances to 17,894 audiences in 87 venues across Australia and New Zealand.

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Unique Selling Point

A hilarious poke at the business of "show", there are plenty of huge laughs for everybody. If you LIKE pop music, you will love this show; if you HATE pop music, you will love this show! And if you can't tell the difference between a One Direction and an S-Club 7, you will be laughing so hard you won't care.

Marketing Materials

  • This show (and the wider SuperGirly product) has delighted comedy audiences in sell-out seasons in Edinburgh, West End, Montreal Just For Laughs and Australia. SuperGirly has performed with Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Spice Girls and more, and supported Elton John on his 2002 Australian tour.

  • Our previous seasons have been complemented by images, reviews, and videos in a highly effective social media marketing campaign - engaging, clickable, quirky. We are very happy to provide and tailor all these materials to each venue, and even oversee the timed release of these into each market if desired.

  • Note also: this show's an EXCELLENT bar-earner!

Community Engagement

The show itself is pretty much pure entertainment. Yes, there are some slightly deeper moments to the piece, and it holds up a mirror to our ridiculous fascination with celebrity, but more than anything it is "event" theatre that brings the community together over a hilarious night of comedy. We also want to use the presence of the show to bring together people for workshops: comedy/improv, theatresports, playbuilding, singing; for local theatre groups, kids' and adults classes, anyone wanting to have a go!