This funny, playful, child-sized drama for young kids and their families is the story of friendship between a solitary little boy and his elderly Turkish neighbour, who grow a daffodil together. Inspired by a much-loved picture book of the same name, by Elizabeth Honey, it’s a nimble 2-hander performed with captivating music, surprising puppetry, and animation. The themes of growth, transformation, tuning into nature, and caring for other people across age and cultural difference make it timely and universal.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
3 = 2 performers + 1 tech/stage manager

Easy show to stage. Broad audience appeal. Nothing problematic.

Jump Leads Productions is a team of independent producers who initiate new theatre projects, foster juicy collaborations between artists, and present and tour productions.

Still Awake Still!, our first production, premiered at Arts Centre Melbourne and the New Victory Theatre NY, and toured the USA and Australia. We're proud to present our latest production, That's Not a Daffodil.

We create performance works that kindle the imagination, tickle the funny-bone, and engage the whole family. Though a potent mix of innocence and sophistication, familiarity and mystery, and - above all - playfulness, we connect with kids and open them up to new possibilities. We see quality children’s theatre as a fertile meeting place for kids and adults; a chance to share experiences that kindle a creative approach to life.

Jump Leads Productions is the theatre unit of Swingbridge Arts Ltd.

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Unique Selling Point

This is a wonderful introduction to theatre for young children because it's carefully pitched to their interest and imagination, and combines humour and pathos, live action and music, physical comedy, shadow and glow-in-the-dark puppetry, and animation. It's funny and poetic, with a delightful blend western and middle eastern elements. The story, which dramatises the stages of growth of a daffodil (and a friendship), has rhythm, repetition and a cumulative structure that's reassuring to little kids. Young audiences have been spellbound, joining in with words and actions - inspired but never disruptive. Adults love it, too.

Marketing Materials

Lively Facebook: Free article by author, tailored for webjournals or print media Selection of bold stills HD performance video excerpts Audio clips - songs and Turkish music Media release Templates for flyers (print and e-versions) Template for poster Template for colouring-in program (easy b/w print) education notes if required

Community Engagement

In the run-up to performances we offer author visits and a range of creative activities suitable for kindergartens, schools and libraries. Author and script-writer Elizabeth Honey's lively visits can cover story-, poetry- or song-writing, illustration, and picture-book making. Producer Rosalind Price offers workshops on art, craft and gardening activities related to the show: making a wall frieze or paper daffodils to decorate the school/theatre; creating a wish tree to engage the whole community; greening the school/theatre with bulbs/herbs/vegetables/wheatgrass. These activities were very popular and effective in Brunswick and Kyneton during the show's premiere season - involving many schools and kinders, and activating public space around the theatres.