An adventure for everyone with a sense of humour and imagination. A concoction of circus, music and comedy. Celebrating love, family, flatulence and the incredible world we live in. Created and performed by Eloise Green (CircusOZ) and Sam McMahon (slingsby’s cheeseboy) – Fun for the whole family!

Remember when you were young and it felt like every problem was the "end of the world"? That's how Broer & Zus feel! It's the first day of school for Broer & Zus - recent immigrants from a faraway place to Australia. The day starts off feeling like the end of the world, but through song, dance, comedy, circus and a daydream sequence, they overcome their fears. It's a story of challenge and resilience with the power of nonsense and daydreams.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

While originally designed for a 'flat floor' stage and raked seating black box venue, the presentation is very flexible and has been performed in a variety of spaces, from Festival Spiegeltents and small halls to 300 seat Theatres. Does require black out for projection of set, and requires height clearance of at least 4.5 metres.

The Adventures of Broer and Zus has been performed in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and toured suburban and regional South Australian and Victorian venues.

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Unique Selling Point

The Adventures of Broer & Zus is inviting and engaging from the very start, from the moment the characters lead the audience into the theatre to the very end, the audience is captivated and invested in their journey from Northern Europe to 'Outback' Australia. Through theatre, comedy, puppetry, circus, dance and imagination, the characters build resilience and overcome the compounding fears of a new home, a new place and the first day of school. The audience is left with a strong feeling of achievement, an inner strength to overcome 'tricky times', and most of all - are laughing their heads off!

Marketing Materials

In partnership with Roola Boola Festival and Deaf Children Australia, an Auslan shadow interpreted performance was presented in Melbourne. Broer and Zus are joined by Tolk (interpreter) to offer an accessible production for audiences with hearing impairment. Please get in touch to discuss the option of presenting this form of the show. Marketing copy, print material templates, digital assets, images, promo footage, educational pack, 'line drawn' black and white poster for possible 'colouring in competition' or similar

Community Engagement

For those who engage with the show, an increase in resilience and strength in the face of challenges or new experiences will be an ongoing benefit. The show offers alternative ways of viewing and experiencing life challenges. The available Educational Pack includes many exercises that extend on the themes and skills within the show as well as the creative elements of the performance. The available post show Q&A session, and a variety of skills workshops will extend the skills of participants as well as deepening the understanding of the creative process used to create and perform the work.