The most amazing and magical bubble show

All Kids LOVE Bubbles. The unique visual show is a mix of amazing and fascinating bubble art combined with slap stick comedy and visually impressive giant bubbles, big enough to fit a person inside. The show will delight kids and their parents...guaranteed!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

The Bubble Show has been designed to be a 'no mess' show. It uses small amount of bubble liquid and does not create any slip hazards. The show can be affected by draft and ill-positioned air conditioning as well as hot stage lighting.

I have been an entertainer for over 20 years and have developed several successful shows and workshops for children, including Bubble Show, Magic Show, Science Show which have been performed at shopping centres, school and community events. My emphasis is on being 'entertaining' and keeping kids fully engaged which is so important for the success of any kids show.

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Unique Selling Point

Its a Bubble Show! The show has been carefully and thoughtfully constructed to keep kids enaged throughout the whole show. It is an interactive show that requires regular audience participation. It mixes comedy with spectaclar and fascinating visual bubble art. The visual aspect of the show and scarcity of any similar show will be attractive .

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Community Engagement

I am able to offer a bubble workshop after the show where the kids get to sit and experiment with bubbles creating fun shapes and also supply 'take home' bubbles kits where kids can continue to explore fun bubble activities and learning