A funny and touching work about family, food and business with five surprising characters played by an award-winning performer.

Olivia Paterson runs a big meat exporting company and wants to feed the world. Her daughter is a vegan. Her sister wants to open an art gallery. Her father wants things to stay as they are. As Olivia battles to keep her balance, 11 year old Grace might just provide an answer.

As a high-powered executive at the peak of her career, all Olivia wants is to make the world a better place. But when the media get hold of a fake story, what is more important – her business plans for the company’s survival or her relationship with her family? And what is the meaning of the broken bicycle?

This is a play about family, food and different ways of looking at the world. You will meet five characters, all embodied by one captivating actor. Each has their point of view, so for the audience it’s a bit like playing detective, building up a picture of the story.

The play includes music, stand up comedy and non-verbal scenes. It was developed in Brisbane and Wellington by Helen Moulder and Sue Rider, the award-winning duo whose collaborations across the Tasman have been seen in NZ, Australia, UK and the USA.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
2 - 3 (Director will travel for half of the tour)

Contains some strong language. Recommended 15+

Accolade Productions was formed in 2008 for the purpose of creating the Queensland music theatre work The Pink Twins by writer/director Sue Rider and composer/musical director John Rodgers which premiered at QPAC in July 2009, winning two Bell Awards. Accolade enables Sue Rider to develop, produce and tour independent innovative Queensland works which challenge theatre forms, explore new ground in storytelling and encourage intergenerational and intercultural debate. Accolade’s partners include QPAC, Willow Productions and Yakkana Productions. Past works include Playing Miss Havisham (Queensland tour); Learning How to Breathe; Gloria’s Handbag (Brisbane and Sydney); SONG the story of a girl, a bird and a teapot (Brisbane and Adelaide); Threads that Bind.

Unique Selling Point

The Bicycle and the Butcher’s Daughter features a tour de force performance from acclaimed NZ veteran performer Helen Moulder, who deftly – and often hilariously – transforms in full view of the audience into five characters grappling with ambition, family squabbles, women in leadership, the meat industry, veganism and social media. With a minimum of props and costumes, Helen morphs from a successful executive woman to her 93 year old father in his garden, her gallery-owning sister (who likes a drink or two), her lesbian daughter (a would-be stand up comic), and Grace, an 11 year old girl with a bicycle.

Marketing Materials

Material to help us sell the show • Hero shot/Poster • Promo videos (currently in progress) • Full length archival video (not for public distribution) • Photos • Reviews/audience feedback • Education package (to be created) • Website • Facebook page • Instagram

Community Engagement

Helen is experienced in touring as a solo performer and enjoys creating relationships with regional and rural communities. She often likes to engage with the audience as they enter the space, especially in a smaller venue. She always offers a free Q&A following the show, and is happy to mingle with the audience informally afterwards.

Sue Rider will be present for part of the tour. When she is attending, Sue will offer a free 20 minute Pre-show Talk about the creation of the show. Sue Rider can also offer a 60 minute master class on Directing OR Creating a Solo Show. Cost $450 for a maximum 25 participants. (Cost and numbers negotiable.)