Contemplate our place in the universe to the sounds of some of Australia’s most uniquely diverse musicians, storytellers and composers.

World music favourites MZAZA present their critically-acclaimed show, The Birth and Death of Stars... a show that encourages us to take a step away from our daily lives to contemplate our place in the universe.

Audiences around Queensland cherish these warm and consummate performers and the show was met by sold out audiences at their Brisbane Festival season (held at the Tivoli), Brisbane Powerhouse and at numerous venues around Queensland.

The Birth and Death of Stars, based on the award-winning album of the same name, draws inspiration from history’s philosophers and astronomers, leading us on a surreal voyage through the ether to explore what links us to each other and the world around us.

Sitting comfortably between music and theatre, the show is a powerful collaboration of creative minds featuring director Benjamin Knapton, Finnish animator Laura Matikainen and writer Pauline Maudy.

Take a step away from the everyday and contemplate our place in the universe to the sounds of some of Australia’s most uniquely diverse musicians, storytellers and composers.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
A, D
Touring Party
6 musicians and 1 optional sound engineer

No adult content or critical technical requirements.

Human Symphony presents international quality shows, musical works and community engagement programs. Led by acclaimed French vocalist and Artistic Director Pauline Maudy and featuring Creative Producer Greta Kelly, the company works with award-winning performers from Australia and Europe and has been mesmerising national and international audiences with powerful and inspired shows.

The producing team have been working together since 2004 to bring compelling sounds and stories to audiences. With their combined experience they have toured orchestras and bands across continents, designed powerful community engagement programs, received multiple Queensland Music Awards and collaborated with inspiring artists in Australia and abroad.

Unique musicality and storytelling, coupled with theatrical experience and a knack for engaging community members across generations makes for a truly valuable and entertaining experience.

The team has presented three shows through ArTour: MZAZA: Children of the Road (2016/2017) MZAZA: The Birth and Death of Stars (2019/2020) Take Me to Paris (2021/2022)

The team is passionate about delivering impactful stories, music and engagement that has a long-term positive impact on individuals and communities.

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Unique Selling Point

MZAZA's audiences strongly connect with their award-winning songs and emotional and sensual show that blend influences, and unusual instrumentation. The universal nature of the show themes and the energy of the performance bring audience and musicians together as one.

MZAZA works with community music groups and choirs across Australia to teach French, Ladino and Balkan songs and to introduce unusual rhythms and scales in a series of incredibly fun workshops, which culminate in the participants performing a song with the band. Audience members are also invited to sing and clap along with some unusual rhythms, and dance.

Marketing Materials

MZAZA's media pack includes a media release, full colour bio with photos, video links to live performances, and copies of their latest two albums. MZAZA's new photos and videos will be developed shortly through their ‘Birth and Death of Stars’ album launch.

MZAZA’s media team successfully secures interviews and live-to-air performances on local/national radio, newspapers and music blogs.

MZAZA's teaching resource pack is sent in advance to leaders of relevant community music groups, school teachers and folk organisations.

MZAZA's extensive connections with community choirs, cultural groups, folk music and dance associations and language learning groups will benefit ticket sales.

Community Engagement

MZAZA’s workshops can take place on the day of the performance, or a day or two prior to the show. MZAZA can target their workshops towards primary or high schools, adult music groups, physically or mentally disabled groups, or seniors. The workshops, which are targeted specifically to the level of the group, introduce unusual languages, rhythms, songs, ornaments and scales.

The goal of the workshops in the short term is to invite participants to perform a song or two with the band during the show. The long term goal is to expand local music students’ knowledge of world music, and enrich existing community music group practices.

MZAZA loves to work with communities of broad ethnic backgrounds and facilitate the sharing of their cultural knowledge with the broader community.

Through regular and informative social media posts, and their email list, MZAZA keep in touch with the participants after their workshops/concerts. MZAZA also love to return to regional communities, and to work with the same music groups over the years.

When not touring, the musicians of MZAZA work as classroom music teachers, instrumental music teachers, language teachers, community workshop facilitators and music therapists.