Two brilliant, discordant minds and the decade that breaks them.

A religious girl and a not-so-religious boy, Izzy and Paul spent a childhood intertwined; enamoured by the universe above them and spurred by an insatiable intrigue for that world beyond their own. Two brilliant, dissonant minds in rural Victoria, life inevitably draws them in separate directions until a decade later, when the death of Paul’s mother draws them home to rural Australia. What follows is an interrogation of beliefs, an affirmation of convictions, and a desperate struggle to reconnect.

The Bohemian and the Machine is an intimate exploration of a decade in the life of two discordant young minds. Weaving in and out of time and accompanied by an original soundscape, bear witness to the moments that shape, break and make them; interrogating concepts of family, home, and compromise. In a world where it so often seems impossible to connect, and in spite of the potential consequences, The Bohemian and the Machine challenges us to try.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Performances will contain rare use of coarse language, as well as references to adult themes.

Established in 2017, A Very Theatre Company was born as a means of establishing a platform for local artists to connect with the professional world, and to support the growth of new Australian work in and around Brisbane. In their inaugural production they produced a sell-out season of the new musical adaption “Don’t Call Me Ishmael.” Two months later, both S#!TSTORM and The Bohemian and the Machine were listed as two of the top eleven highlights in the 2018 Anywhere Theatre Festival, out of more than a hundred shows. Since then, the company has established a monthly scratch night dedicated to providing a space for the development of new Brisbane works. Committed to raising the bar for new work in and around Brisbane, A Very Theatre Company is proud to be leading the charge for a resurgence in challenging, locally developed productions.

Unique Selling Point

At its core the work is for anyone who has ever looked to the sky for some kind of meaning. Paul and Izzy spend their whole lives doing that, they just make sense of it all in completely different, yet equally valid ways. But most importantly, the work has no villain. Both characters are flawed, of course, but we’ve never had an audience member walk out without some understanding of why they both do what they do. In a world where political ideologies are so polarising, The Bohemian and the Machine serves as a reminder of our universal humanity.

Marketing Materials

Playwright as part of touring group (as actor). Potential for post show discussion. Potential for school engagement. Sale of digital publication of work (exclusive to regional audiences until 2021). Year 11 English syllabus work program (developing with Mt St Bernard College (Herberton) in 2019). A promotional video to be filmed in September.. Four promotional images.

Community Engagement

School Engagement As our writer will be on tour either as performer or tour manager, there is potential for artist residence or in school discussion.

Post Show Discussion The piece tends to call for conversation and it’s something that we actually really enjoy engaging with people about. To explore how it has affected people and whether or not they’re walking away with some kind of change.

Community Venue Selection The Bohemian and the Machine has a strong connection to space, textually every scene in the show takes place in the same location, a sanctuary of sorts for the characters. If a town that we’re visiting has a particular location with strong sentimental value, there is the potential of us performing a one-off show in that location.