Universal Disco is an out of this world experience featuring giant bubbles, an alien DJ on Segway, and intergalactic dancers!

Are you ready for an out of this world experience? Intergalactic party starters, DJ Inferno and the Space Disco Divas, really bring the good times in this exciting circus, dance, comedy and aerial extravaganza. Upbeat, super fun, and suitable for all ages this dynamic show has a soundtrack that will get anyone in the party mood! Giant bubbles which defy gravity and inspire wonder set the scene for this interstellar experience, forming a mesmerising installation which can be enjoyed between appearances. The unifying power of disco brings all kinds of people together and audiences are invited to stick around for a boogie and photos with the performers afterwards.

Universal Disco has been created with a view to touring with a community engagement framework where local kids and/or adults can learn dance and circus and even be incorporated into the show.

The impressive and highly visual nature of the installation really sells itself and the show appeals to all ages and demographics. Children are particularly captivated by the fantasy of the world we create. They often dance along and ask interesting questions after the show! The format, which includes post show interaction, provides opportunity to engage further with the story.

Venue Format
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Best suited to an outdoor festival setting (evening). Can also be performed in a large hall/convention centre. Scalable-we can do a more simple version without bubbles in an intimate setting e.g.. a party or a stage spot in a cabaret/corporate event. Flat ground or stages required Footprint 16m x 10m Power required Weights are needed to stabilise the bubble-we provide these and most equipment. Takes several hours to bump in and out so can't move locations during an evening but can be bumped in and out on a single day. If performing multiple days we can deflate and tarp the bubbles overnight. We offer a community engagement workshop and/or performance option. We can perform the show twice per night and the bubbles work as an impressive installation piece in between.

More than Mime Theatre is a distinctive, award winning, inventor of roving, stage & installation acts for events. With acts that surprise, intrigue & delight people, we bring the extraordinary into everyday life. More than Mime acts can be enjoyed by anyone willing to be transported to another world for just a moment. We believe in bringing theatre to people who don’t expect it, are not looking for it and who might not otherwise see it… making life more beautiful in this busy world. More than Mime have been crowd favourites for over 10 years at Woodford Festival and have performed at countless events all over the world including Commonwealth Games, G20 Cultural Program, Shenzen Fringe Festival, Macau Fringe Festival, Movie World & Seaworld, Singapore Museum, Taiwan Children's Festival, Big Names Living Statue Festival Slovakia, and various QLD agricultural shows.

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Unique Selling Point

This is a unique concept; the only one of its kind in the world. It is an impressive large scale installation which intrigues the audience as an object, then entertains as a show (including the surprise of the aerial element) and, finally, gets people dancing and having fun in the post show interactive 'party'. The installation itself is stunning under lights between shows and adds an enchanting atmosphere to a venue or festival. The bubble(s) can even be used as a canvas for projection (eg. event/sponsor logos). In addition to all this, there is the optional circus workshop project..

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Community Engagement

The performers have been selected specifically for their expertise and experience in community engagement, including teaching circus and dance and coordinating large scale community performances. Options we can offer include: -Workshop project leading up to the event where community members learn circus and dance skills. This can also include the option to perform in the pre-show portion of the show. -local art, video from workshops, or other content can be projected onto the bubbles.

Circus is an ideal community engagement tool as it encourages the appreciation of diverse strengths, abilities, body sizes and learning methods. It also promotes creativity and collaboration as well as self confidence. With our experienced trainers, participants can become performance ready in a short period of time.