The world’s stories have gone missing, will YOU help The Bureau Of Untold Stories get them back?

The world’s stories have gone missing, and inspectors Dexter Sharpe and Poppy Hasluck of The Bureau Of Untold Stories believe an elusive criminal mastermind, known simply as The Eraser, is to blame.

Become The Bureau's newest recruit and join the daring detectives as they attempt to retrieve the stolen stories. Witness the pair’s unconventional storytelling skills bring to life a series of different tales from ridiculous news articles and warped fairytales to legendary epics, that all stem from the wild suggestions of the audience.

Filled with outrageous accents, live sound effects, and unbelievable antics, The Bureau Of Untold Stories combines the silly, sleuthing adventures of 'The Pink Panther' with the unpredictable hilarity of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' for an imagination igniting, detective drama that's fun for the whole family.

5 Stars: ""Genuinely funny stories. Wonderfully creative minds. The verdict... Brilliant!" - Lancashire Evening Post (2019)

4 Stars: "Innovative, imaginative and importantly fun - this is one mystery you will love helping to solve!" -Edinburgh Festivals For Kids. (2018)

"The masters of innovative, interactive and improvised children's theatre" - Winchester Discovery Centre (2018)

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

For the benefit of audience interaction and engagement we find it best if there is an accessible path between the stage and audience seating.

Production is adaptable to various sizes of space, and tours without lighting or amplification equipment, but can utilise existing rigs and venue equipment to enhance performances, especially in larger spaces.

We're Sean and Hollie Bryan, the creators of Brymore Productions. We established our boutique theatre company in 2015 to create immersive and engaging theatrical events designed to ignite imagination and spark creativity in young audiences.

We create larger than life characters, and work in a semi-improvised performance style. This allows audiences and participants to guide our performance, improving engagement and ensuring every showing is a unique event. Our performances often involve puppetry and various interactive elements that get audiences up onto their feet, immersing them into the world created before them.

Our production credits include UK tours of 'Mortimer Sparks And The Sands Of Imaginaria' (Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017) and 'The Bureau Of Untold Stories' (Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018), immersive family pop-up experiences 'Madame Manocchio's Magnificent Mobile Museum Of Mysteries' and 'A Bug's Party' for The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre, our interactive festive production 'The Day That YOU Saved Christmas' and various roving and storytelling characters for music and arts festivals.

In addition we experiment with podcasting, making up 2/3 of the good news podcast 'Good For A Change' and we reached the top of the Performing Arts and Education New and Noteworthy charts on iTunes with our show 'Mortimer Sparks Adventures In Imagination'

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

The Bureau Of Untold Stories utilises a series of interchangeable 'Case Files' (or storytelling activities) that, when combined with audience interactions and our improvisation skills, slot into the plot and enable each performance to be a completely unique experience, with a number of different possibilities and stories created during a show. This performance style encourages creativity from both the young, and not so young, members of the audience.

In addition a selection of stories that are created during a performance will feature in our accompanying podcast, which also introduces listeners to the history of the venue and town of performance.

Marketing Materials

-Marketing Copy -Poster Templates -Digital imagery and promotional footage -Adaptable Teaser Trailer -Brymore Productions social media channels -Accompanying Podcast (promotes upcoming performances whilst reliving previous performances, towns and venues.) -Published play text available for sale, with interactive creative writing activities. -Educational Resources- work sheets and creative writing activities, post show classroom visits, podcast, story stimulus 'evidence files', presented both digitally and in themed hard copy. (Currently in development) -Educational Workshops available

Community Engagement

Our aim is to get more people telling their stories, utilising their imaginations and creativity, to share both fictional and non-fictional stories with their friends, family and community. We believe stories of all shapes and sizes share an equal importance, and are a vital part in connecting communities and recording their history.

We encourage community engagement through the generation of stories before, during and after a performance through a number of means. These include: -An open portal on our website for audience members to submit their own stories, that may then be shared on our podcast to a worldwide audience. -Post-show, in depth, creative writing or podcasting workshops and activities for different ages and abilities -Providing presenters the assets to create a simple, pre or post show, writing activity that could be displayed and shared.

The community are also engaged throughout the production itself. They take an active role in generating the content of each performance, submitting ideas and suggestions, and participating throughout. They are our 'third performer'.

Performance audio is also recorded, allowing us to recreate and share stories generated in our accompanying podcast, boosting the cultural legacy of each performance through a wider global audience.