Sometimes ageing is a CLINT and you just have to get on with it.

The CLINTS are an all-girl, 80s cousin band, and bona fide yesterday’s heroes, who are hellbent on a comeback! Catapulted back into the limelight by an ex-member’s murderous scandal, the has-beens who almost-were-beens are resurrecting their 80s costumes, dusting off their sensationally tacky repertoire of 80s one-hit wonders and are determined to raise enough money to get themselves to Eurovision as Australia’s wildcard entry. Along the way they set the record straight in a mindboggling, chart-topping, riotous, tell-all musical exposé.

'The CLINTS Come Again Reunion Cabaret' is a slick new show presented by e.g. and starring Elise Greig, Laine Loxlea-Danann and Lizzie Moore.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The performance contains adult themes and some coarse language.

e.g. is the production company of award-winning actor/playwright, Elise Greig. Elise created the company in order to share works across a variety of forms, focusing on 'good stories told well'. The inaugural production of e.g. was the realisation of a gripping contemporary new play from the UK, 'Swallow' by Stef Smith. 'Swallow' was presented as part of Metro Arts’ Local season in 2017 and, as well as producing, Elise also performed in the work. Her work in 'Swallow' was recognised with a Matilda Award in 2018.

The second production of e.g. was the Australian premiere of the award-winning Euro hit two-hander, 'Poison' by Lot Vekemans. 'Poison' was presented as part of Metro Arts’ Local season in 2018 and saw the leading male actor honoured with a Matilda Award in 2019.

In 2019, e.g. again collaborated with Metro Arts and Playlab to bring the premiere production of Elise’s new play, 'Magpie', to the Brisbane Powerhouse, supported by Arts Queensland, The Australia Council and Creative Partnerships Australia in 2019.

2019/2020 has seen e.g. expand the exploration of form to include cabaret, writing and developing 'The CLINTS Come Again Reunion Cabaret'.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

This topical, tight and tenacious show follows three women who will not give up even though their circumstances suggest they should. Heart-warmingly, riotously ridiculous, it asks: What is it like to age disgracefully in a youth-obsessed, post-COVID-19 world? What if you were a has-been who almost was? Is it worth another crack at the title? How about a tilt at Eurovision? This is a cabaret with a huge heart, featuring excellent Queensland artists and capturing the decade that had the most one-hit wonders. It's a show for Gen X, Baby Boomers and new audiences who are curious about 80s ‘vintage’.

Marketing Materials

The following resources will be made available: Print/digital marketing copy; Images; Video; Social media tie-ins; Notes for any book clubs, social groups or interest groups that might want to discuss the work post-show

Community Engagement

e.g. is pleased to offer workshops and panel discussions in addition to the performance. Workshops can be tailored to suit beginner, intermediate or advanced artists, and can focus on areas such as playwriting, songwriting, singing, directing, acting skills, making a cabaret, audition techniques, and more! The workshops are perfect for individuals, couples, friends, social groups, and members of regional arts companies. The facilitators are seasoned arts professionals with international recognition - meaning that the training provided in these workshops will be of an exceptional standard and make a lasting difference in the lives and careers of attendees. In addition to workshops, free post-show panel discussions are offered for book clubs, social groups, or general audiences who might wish to discuss aspects of the performance, or ask industry-related questions of the artists. e.g. is committed to offering engagement activities that are right for your community. Get in touch to discuss what works for you!