Be swept headlong into hilarious and heartfelt tales of courage, care and community.

This evocative theatre work for children and their communities explores the power of story as a way to deepen our personal connections to the natural environment and our sense of self.

Two sisters, Sprig and Magnolia, are travelling from the Village of Littleleaf with their suitcase of curiosities. This tattered case is full of wondrous, whimsical and fantastic treasures…all of them carefully collected and rich with story. There’s a jar of aromatic red tea concocted from Adeline Eden’s herb garden. A rustic cricket bat hand carved from a single branch by Billy Boxhead’s Dad. There’s a tiny shell saved from the floorboard of an ancient shipwreck and an egg that is…well it’s… suspiciously like something a Gillywobbler would leave behind!

Inspired by The Last Tree, a short story from celebrated Australian author Bruce Pascoe, The Collectors explores themes of community, belonging, environment and legacy in an interactive and immersive theatre experience for children aged 5-10 years and their communities.

The Collectors is funny, heartfelt, uplifting, playful and artfully crafted to leave its audience with a deeper appreciation for their own special corner of the world.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
2 performers / 1 crew

Red Chair is a Queensland-based performing arts and event management company recognised nationally as a major producing and touring body for culturally diverse works. Red Chair was the winner of the 2014 Premier's Cultural Diversity Award - Small Business.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

• It is interactive. • It appeals to both adults and children alike. • The complimenting workshops build on the immersive and magical quality of the work. • The website provides an engaging portal to the world of Littleleaf post performance, including: downloadable stories, a newsletter, videos and activities. • It is funny, heartfelt, uplifting and playful. • It is artfully crafted to deepen our personal connection to environment, community and our sense of self. • This project aims to support literacy, speaking and listening in primary aged children.

Marketing Materials

MARKETING MATERIALS • Press kits – Media releases, Company & Individual biographies, Testimonials, Publicity photographs / press clippings • Artist availability for interviews • Raw artwork for handbills & posters with images for venue’s own use • High resolution proofs for art work for press ads

EDUCATION RESOURCES •An educators resource highlighting important connections to the Primary Framework for Literacy and National Curriculum. • Workshops meet several English and HASS curriculum outcomes and can be tailored to meet specific criteria and year level outcomes. • An interactive website including downloadable stories, videos, editions of the Littleleaf Village Newsletter and other engaging support materials for communities, schools and libraries to access.

Community Engagement

The Producer welcomes opportunities to work in collaboration with Presenters to craft experiences individual to the needs of their festival, venue and community.

A range of community engagement activities are offered beyond the performance including (Please refer to attached Presenter Pack for full details) -

  • PRE & POST SHOW WORKSHOP – ‘LETTERS TO LITTLELEAF’ Prior to the performance children and families are invited to write or draw a picture to a friend in nature. Letters from this pre-show engagement will be incorporated into the performance (to the surprise of the audience) building on the immersive and magical quality of the work.
  • ROVING – ‘SPRIG AND MAGNOLIA’ Suitable for festivals in conjunction with Letters to Littleleaf workshop. Sprig and Magnolia engage audiences through the use of scripted vignettes, evocative and whimsical costume, props and immersive storytelling.
  • MY IMAGINATION GOES CRAZY-LA-LA - WORKSHOP The character of ‘Sprig’ from The Collectors takes her participants on a hilarious adventure where together they explore the worlds of their imagination.
  • LETTERS TO LITTLELEAF - WORKSHOP The character of ‘Magnolia’ from The Collectors takes participants on a journey into the heart of the Forgotten Forest.