The Creamery is about two conflicting, competing sides making cheese, falling in love, sabotaging each other, vying for audience members and secretly wanting to taste each other's cheese. It is inspired by the idea of two different cultures living as uneasy neighbours. The audience are dressed in cheese hats as they enter and play an essential role in the show. They are gently coaxed and cared for with Java's signature brand of non-threatening interaction. The dancers and musicians who all play characters make real cheese as part of the show and feed delicious fresh lemon ricotta to the audience. The audience gradually takes sides and turn into competing mobs. The Creamery climaxes with the whole audience physically involved, moving in unison and throwing herbs in a battle of the sides before the tension breaks, the cheese is sliced and everyone starts dancing together. You can treat The Creamery as a fun delicious romp or a comment on mob mentality, competition and prejudice. It all depends on your perspective! Choreography, music and cheese making are used to tell this timeless story of competition, suspicion and forbidden love.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The audience have a herb fight at the end of the show. All the sound is live and the wireless mics are essential technically. We use a heat plate. This show must be performed in the round or traverse. End stage is not an option. The central performance space is just 5x5 metres so in most theatres some seats can be put on the stage to accommodate being in the round. The Creamery works well as a touring suite with Cheese (Schools/family show). See more production information for Cheese on the Artour website.

Java Dance Theatre captures audiences of all ages with visceral dance theatre that clambers into the senses and speaks to the soul. We create original dance theatre works with playful physicality, live music and full audience immersion.

“It was contagious” audience member, Festival of Colour Wanaka, The Wine Project 2015

History Founded in 2003 by artistic director Sacha Copland, Java has created 16 new works, performing to over 100,000 people in NZ, Australia and the UK. In 2016 Java’s 19th season of 'Back of the Bus' again sold out 42 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival. In 2015-16 Java premiered and toured 'The Wine Project (part 2 in The Civilisation Series)' and 'Dirt and Other Delicious Ingredients', to critical acclaim, performing in Perth, Nelson, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, Wanaka, Southland, Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin and Edinburgh. The Wine Project recently won the Darkchat award for Best Dance in Edinburgh. Also in 2016 Java toured their interactive installation 'SENSE' to the Seoul Street Arts Festival in South Korea.

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Unique Selling Point

Real lemon ricotta cheese is made in front of the audience's eyes as part of the show and fed to the audience. The show uses all the senses, the smell of fresh herbs, the taste of cheese, the touch of salt passed from audience member to audience member, the sight of aesthetic choreography and the sound of live violin, cello and mandolin. The choreography and music are used to tell a story that is timeless and easy to relate to. Java's signature brand of non-threatening immersive interaction ensure that the whole audience become involved every time.

Marketing Materials

At New Zealand arts festivals we have sold tickets with accompanying wine and cheese tastings of local artisan products. The Creamery is usually sponsored by a local cheese maker.

The unique combination of live music, dance and theatre mean the show draws on more than one audience.

The show also appeals to 'foodies' and food and wine clubs/events can be targeted.

Marketing Copy, images, promo footage available, plus media coverage and education pack

Community Engagement

The Creamery tours as a performance suite with schools/family show Cheese. The shows use the same cast, set and technical set up. They can be performed on the same day.

High quality workshops for kids and teenagers are available.

The Creamery is a very interactive work and at the end we share bread and cheese and dance with the audience. The cast interact and chat with the audience at the end of the show.

Local sponsorship of an accompanying cheese and wine tasting works really well with the show.