Lola… is an Australian story, a gold rush story and a story that echoes across the globe. Lola Montez was the wildest showgirl of the nineteenth century; and her 1855 Australian tour put Mick Jagger to shame. Risque, rabble rousing and skirt raising, she horsewhipped her critics (including The Editor of the Ballarat Times), swung down mineshafts on a single rope with champagne in hand, created the infamous erotic spider dance (allegedly with no underwear), escaped arrest dressed only in her jewels…

Showered with gold nuggets and insults, Lola Montez swept through Australia and its goldfields leaving a wake of scandal, outraged citizens & lovesick miners. And a heady scent of freedom and true lies in a history that has never been forgotten.

Now Finucane & Smith, the multi-award winning, globally acclaimed creators of Glory, Burlesque Hour & the legendary Caravan Burlesque tour, who were hailed in town after town around Australia as “the most risqué dames to hit the regions since Lola” have partnered with Her Majesty’s Theatre in Ballarat (the very town where Lola horsewhipped the editor!) to develop a the luscious dreamscape of true lies, show-stopping dance & jaw-dropping tales of Lola Montez.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
2 performers and 1 technician

Adult themes, some strong language, language can be adjusted without loss of affect to production.

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Company Website

Unique Selling Point

This production has several points of immediate appeal, including:

  • Theatre audiences
  • Lovers of dance, cabaret and burlesque
  • History buffs
  • Those that live in the Goldfields area where Lola’s visits occurred
  • Fans of the work of Finucane & Smith
  • Post show Lola Lounge hosted by Lola artists! (singing, lounging & dancing!)

Finucane and Smith are experts in developing audience and marketing campaigns. For example a campaign was developed for the 2012 tour of Caravan Burlesque which succeeded in attracting over 20,000 patrons to performances across regional Australia.

Marketing Materials

The impressive creative team of Finucane and Smith Written By: Jackie Smith Directed By: Moira Finucane Performers: Caroline Lee & Clare St Clare Creative Team: Composer Darrin Verhagen Lighting Design Simon Hardy & Couture Shirley Keon

We have available High quality marketing copy HiRes Images Promo video Reviews Venue referee

Community Engagement

The Lola Lounge is an integral part of the show and encourages the community to dress up and make a great night out. Caroline and Clare come out after the show - all dressed up - and have a drink, keep singing and dancing and encouraging the local community to join them. A wonderful experience!

Community feedback has been really positive about seeing how this show recreates the small and local halls into stunning places of culture! One day in Victoria the hall was being used for a sheep expo and by that night Lola had swept in and recreated the hall into a stunning velvet decorated dance hall!