Eat fruit. Love lust.

Following a critically acclaimed world premiere at the Nelson Arts Festival, The Dust Palace presents its ninth circus/theatre production – The Goblin Market, an enthralling and enchanted journey based on Christina Rossetti’s iconic 1862 poem, Goblin Market.

The Goblin Market is a contemporary circus retelling of the poem, following two sisters, their temptation, sacrifice and eventual salvation. This show celebrates the female gaze in its exploration of sexuality and sisterhood, through double trapeze, mask, projection, acrobatics, spoken word and electrifying music.

The Goblin Market is circus/theatre with a Southern hemisphere flair, integrating multidisiplinary art for a stunning poetic theatre presentation of cirque artistry and skill.

Delicious circus is precariously balanced with gritty performances and candid storytelling.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

16+ Contains Adult Themes & Nudity. Specific circus rigging requirements. Presenter to be responsible for all APRA/AMCOS and any other royalties, if any.

The Dust Palace's mission is to present exhilarating circus theatre which is intimate, visually stunning & brave in its candour about human nature. Established in 2011, The Dust Palace is now at the forefront of circus theatre and corporate performance in NZ.

In 2012, The Dust Palace found a home from which to create. Auckland’s only dedicated circus arts studio, the space provides a hub for artform & practitioner development, forwarding circus in the community through regular classes

The Dust Palace new work includes Love & Money, Knock Knock, Venus Is... & Ithaca. Collaborators include premier talent such as Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Michael Hurst & Tama Waipara. The Dust Palace has been commissioned by Q Theatre & SPLORE & presented by Tempo & regional festivals in Wellington, Taupo, Hamilton & Taranaki.

In 2017, The Dust Palace will partner with Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra to present “Midnight”, a story told through circus performance with some of the most evocative music ever written.

The Dust Palace are currently engaged in a process of strategic visioning & revenue development. Working alongside arts managers/producers Yee Yang 'Square' Lee & Sums Selvarajan (Black & Yellow Management) and consultant Shane Bosher, The Dust Palace are exploring pathways to enhance their infrastructural engine to ensure longevity & growth.

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Unique Selling Point

Visually captivating, graceful yet exciting circus artistry, showcasing almost constant high-level physical performance and acrobatics, founded on masterful storytelling and experienced acting. An inspired music soundscape and ever-changing video backdrop augment the effectiveness of the narrative storytelling, and will keep audiences intrigued and alert, provoking a range of emotions as the tale unfolds.

Marketing Materials

Marketing collateral (copy, print material templates, digital assets, images, video, promo footage, etc.). The original poem is available online:

Community Engagement

The Dust Palace operates the only dedicated circus school in Auckland and is highly experienced with audience development, corporate training and leadership workshops and activities.

While on tour, the company can present workshops and/or talks on circus aerials, ground-based circus, physical development, theatre/performance skills, acting, leadership and teamwork.

A key cultural legacy of any touring of The Goblin Market in Australia would be to showcase the quality and calibre of New Zealand home-grown circus/theatre work to Australian audiences.