Ladies and Gentleman, take to the floor for the ultimate night at the dance hall.

Part theatre performance, part invitation to ‘get up and dance’, this is an all ages event that immerses audiences in an evening of old time and new time dance floor magic. Inspired by the rise and fall of the social dance scene, The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair celebrates that the dance circuit is alive and ready to kick up the dust again.

A large-scale, site specific and completely participatory dance celebration, featuring local dance legends, a charming MC, light-footed guest stars and live band with a heart-stopping musical mash up. Put on your dancing shoes and hit the floor for this funny, exhilarating and energising performance event spanning generations and genres, connected by the knowledge that people love to dance.

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Everybody NOW! led by Ian Pidd, Kate McDonald and Bec Reid along with a cohort of talented collaborators, are a collective of performance makers and producers who create participatory and large-scale experiences that are celebratory and playful, propelled by passion and curiosity.

They are dedicated to the creation of high quality, community engaged performance that are created on and from the Gold Coast, Australia, that reach out to collaborators and presenters nationally and internationally.

The collective was formed in 2015 after the commissioning of The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair which has since gone on to showcase at APAM and tour the country. In the last three years the group have been commissioned by major festival’s nationally including Bleach* Festival, Brisbane Festival, Darwin Festival and Festival 2018 for the GC2018 Commonwealth Games, to create a trilogy of large-scale public dance projects; The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair, You Should Be Dancing and Yes! We Dance.

The group have become known for their inclusive and joyful brand of socially engaged dance and theatre projects. In fact, since 2015 they have dance with over 15,000 people between the ages of 3 – 89 years old across Australia.

Everybody NOW is about, real stories and real people. Everybody. NOW!

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Inspired by the rise and fall of the social dance scene, from the 1920’s to today, Inaugural Annual celebrates that the dance circuit is alive and ready to kick up the dust again! The show is created bespoke to each community in which it is presented. The performance speaks directly to the audiences of that place. It is driven by participation where both the community cast, professional cast and the audience are all a part of the experience. Ultimately, this show is a celebration of not only who dances but why we dance.

Marketing Materials

The show comes with excellent photographic and film documentation for visual promotion and full media kit with templates for Media Releases and PR.

Marketing collateral and design templates provided include;

  • Postcard series
  • Poster
  • Program handout
  • Digital + socials assets

Links include;

Community Engagement

The performance is created via a community engagement process where the artists spend a period of time in community, researching local history, recording interviews with local dance legends and recruiting a large community cast. Enlisted to share their stories and dancing styles the cast can involve everyone from the 84 year old tap dancer, to the old time country dance committee, to the vibrant 20 something’s dance troupe. The show is framed by an overarching performance structure and script that is custom-made to include the stories and people of specific places, making each presentation boutique and unique. For many participants it is their first time working alongside professional artists and being involved in a professional creative project. “I discovered that I didn't have to be nervous in front of an audience. This was very affirming to me as an older woman. We all seemed to become kind of ageless and just be dancers...that was great.” Kerryn White – Seniors tap group

For audiences to be immersed in a participatory performance experience that speaks directly to them as a community is extremely uplifting and affirming. “It was fabulous and I didn't stop smiling all night. Thanks so much for enlivening our lives and spirits."