What ludicrous lengths will one go to, in order to meet expectations?

What happens when one can't meet expectations? This touching and wildly entertaining adventure sees a stellar cast of performers try persistently to start their show, but each time they try, something else goes wrong. Feeling the pressure to get the show going, what unfolds is a highly relatable comedy of errors as the team try to squash the relentlessly buzzing mosquito that is anxiety. Wolf fables, fears, and plenty of ludicrousness converge through movement, theatre, spoken word, and song in a performance that breaks with theatrical conventions and cross-examines expectations, exploring concerns of inadequacy that we have but try to hide.

Metaphorically, "Wolf", illuminates ways that anxiety can dominate the lives and thoughts of those who experience it. Revealing expectations that are imposed within today's society that lead to great anxiety, the show brings to attention: the extent we are willing to go to keep up appearances; how it feels when things don’t go according to plan; and how we manage fears and insecurities. Using humour and a very clever arrangement of story elements, Prying Eye takes a serious and complex topic and presents it in a multidisciplinary format that is accessible, understandable, sympathetic, enlightening and refreshingly entertaining.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
3* x performers, 1 crew (*when a local guest performer is engaged in the show)
  • Contains mild coarse language - language can be adapted for younger audiences.
  • 1x guest artist can be sought from the local community to perform a small role within the work. With this option we would look to work with venues/communities to source this artist.
  • For non-theatre venues, the ability to create a blackout is required.
  • For flat floor seating we recommend a raised stage for best audience viewing as the show contains movement on the floor.

This show can be scaled up or down. Please contact us to discuss your venue or platform. The technical requirements provided for ArTour reflect what was used for Supercell Dance Festival 2018 at the Brisbane Powerhouse. A scaled down version was created for Tandanya Theatre for Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018.

Let us know all about your community/platform/venue so that we can tailor our visit to provide the best experience for all involved.

Prying Eye is the partnership of Lizzie and Zaimon Vilmanis. Originally known as acclaimed dance theatre performers, more than 20 years of global arts experience: choreographing, directing, teaching, research, management, and collaboration has diversified their expertise. Unbound by singular title and artform classification they collaborate with the surrounding world, assembling diverse and exciting voices, approaches, experiences, and arts practices to create unique and relevant live performance works. Recipients of many competitive grants and residencies, most recently they were selected participants for the prestigious Tim Fairfax/Sidney Myer Capacity Building Program. Well respected for making uncomfortable topics approachable and for overturning people’s expectations., peers, reviewers and audiences alike describe their productions as “imaginative, courageous, provocative, sophisticated, important, human and committed”. Works by Prying Eye have featured in programmes and performance seasons for the likes of Cinedans (Nederlands), Choreoscope (Spain), NagiB Contemporary Dance Festival (Slovenia), Brisbane Festival, Supercell Dance Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Noosa Long Weekend Festival, Expressions Dance Company, Queensland University of Technology, Sir Robert Helpmann Centenary Awards, and Adelaide College of the Arts. Trademarked by the physical, emotional and cognitive richness, Prying Eye works are remembered for their constructive lasting impact they have on audiences long after the performance is over.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

“WOLF” presents a confronting topic whilst also attracting an audience to a performance genre that’s challenging to sell. Anxiety is the most common mental health condition affecting Australians (ABS, 2008), therefore the show's themes present relevance to 1 in 4 people; attracting new audience to contemporary dance theatre. Concurrently, live-performance provides entertaining and creative means to broach the subject of anxiety, making it more accessible. Audiences will find they relate to the topic and this will assist them to engage with the show. They'll also develop knowledge about anxiety to associate more positively with mental health in a more entertaining and creative way.

Marketing Materials

Leading up to performances, Prying Eye will facilitate activities to build visibility and interest. Engagement is designed to: exchange knowledge; build relationships; equip participants with tools to aid creativity, collaboration, and critical discourse; and provide insight into the performance, its creation, and its themes. Particular target networks include: health/social workers; schools; those who have experienced/been exposed to anxiety; creative collaborators; and arts practitioners/enthusiasts/workers/educators.

Prying Eye support also includes:

  • Marketing copy
  • Print materials
  • Digital assets
  • Images (print/digital)
  • Promotional footage
  • Teacher Resource Kits
  • Health and community service support access and information
  • Themed photo opportunities
  • Media calls

Community Engagement

ENGAGEMENT OF A LOCAL ARTIST A guest role provides PD, showcases local talent, builds professional networks, raises exposure, and generates local audience interest in the show. Artist is able to continue to share new knowledge after we've left and Prying Eye gain understanding of local community.

TALKS/Q&A'S ABOUT ANXIETY Engagement with local mental health experts/organisations/groups and local community to discuss anxiety, broadens awareness and understanding about anxiety and encourages support seeking action.

TOOLS FOR CRITICAL DIALOGUE Trained in 'Critical Response Process', Prying Eye can share tools that empower local community to more actively engage with and communicate about art. This builds a larger, more robust and informed arts community. Tools can be practiced in relation to our show providing insight that deepens audience engagement.

SHARING OF CREATIVE PRACTICE AND TOOLS FOR COLLABORATION Prying Eye enjoy sharing the tools that we use to make work and to collaborate with others. Activities can be tailored towards artists, educators, and also non-artists. Participants exchange knowledge, build relationships and strengthen creative and collaborative capacity.

TEACHER RESOURCES Resources assist teachers to help students build creative/artistic skills as well as analyse and deepen their engagement with the show and its themes.