Circus strong woman collides with 80s tribute act in an explosion of circus strength and silliness.

Most people have heard of the traditional circus "Strong Man" but have no idea what it's like to be a modern circus strong man, or a circus strong woman for that matter. As society moves away from archaic traditions, so does the circus. So who is the modern strong woman? And what happens when we take her out of the circus and put her on her own?

Going it alone is never an easy feat. A fact circus performer/Strong Woman Hannah Cryle learns as she embarks on a neon technicolour journey of circus, lip-synching, head banging and several costume changes…alone. The Iron Maiden is a funny and heart-warming show that sees Hannah exploring the notion of what it takes to be strong and brave, especially for a woman. She’ll awe and delight you with her feats of strength, aerial chains, skipping, hula-hoops and leave you chuckling with her quick-witted stage banter.

At the heart of this powerful show is a distinct message of empowerment. Going it alone can be tough, but Hannah shows us that we make more ground and demand more respect as an ensemble.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

This show includes aerial performance. The company WILL be touring with a freestanding tripod structure for venues that cannot support aerials. The minimum space requirement for the structure is 5mx5m with 5m height clearance. Engineers certificate for the structure can be provided upon request. The company will be touring with a licensed rigger.

This show was PREVIOUSLY titled "The Loneliest Number". After careful deliberation the director opted to change the name to "The Iron Maiden" because it better represents the show.

Happy Haps Productions creates and tours entertaining and accessible shows that all feature strong female characters and promote gender equality. Founded by Hannah Cryle (manager and producer of Pants Down Circus), Happy Haps currently has multiple productions touring Australia and world wide. In 2017 Happy Haps presented shows to over 6000 audience members in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK.

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Unique Selling Point

The show takes an intriguing archetypal character (The Circus Strong Woman) and puts her into an exciting and familiar world. It pairs traditional circus stunts, with 80s glam rock, ridiculousness and very big hair. This a solo performance by Hannah Cryle the strong woman from Pants Down Circus ROCK, a show that completed a tour of regional Queensland in 2016. Its a deeper look at an artist the audience has already met.

Marketing Materials

Promotional footage, images, media release, posters, handbills, company bios, all available in sell off.

Community Engagement

The Iron Maiden aims to take meaningful action towards reducing the cases of violence against women in Australia. It discusses respect in a completely accessible and entertainment based format, in an effort to educate young men about the importance of respect and empower young women to demand that respect. One way that we can promote respectful relationships between young people is by boosting their confidence. Confident young people grow into respectful and empowered adults.

Hannah can offer a series of group acrobatics and circus games workshops for up to 20 participants. Learning circus skills is incredibly beneficial to young people because unlike other team sports, in the circus each person is valued and celebrated for the thing that makes them uniquely different. You can't build a human pyramid out of a group of people who are all exactly the same shape and size. When we encourage young people (particularly teenagers and preteens) to measure their self worth not on the things they have in common with their peers, but on how they differ from their peers the benefits are immeasurable. Circus also requires communication and trust which go towards developing a stronger connection between the people in your community.