The Jazz Age Dance Cabaret is an immersive theatrical extravaganza whipping audiences out of their seats and propelling them into the lost world of the jazz age. With an emphasis on popular music and dance this production takes the audience back in time from the Roaring 20s and journeying right through to the end of the Second World War. The Jazz Age Dance Cabaret honours the popular dance and music of the jazz age (1920s, 30s and 40s) all supported by fabulous black and white projections and interesting facts pertaining to each era. But do not think for one minute that this is just a history lesson! Never in the Jazz Age have you learnt so much history through song and dance, or been privilege to the sassiness of the Candy Shop Show personalities. In Act 1 follow the luscious leggy lasses as they sing and dance their way through the Speakeasy’s of the Prohibition and relive the energy and despair of the war through the melodic harmonies of the 1940s. Act 2 brings the Modern Revival of the Jazz Age featuring recognisable numbers from popular artists with flashy costumes and high-energy dance routines!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
4 Dancer/singers and 1 Stage Manager/Crew (5 in total)

Performers need floor suitable for dance (including tap dancing). Minimum stage space required is 5m x 4m

Candy Shop Show are Brisbane-based producers of high-quality dance cabaret works suitable for the corporate and theatrical environment. With explosive shows bursting at the seams with thrilling musical theatre, commercial dance and leggy showgirl routines Candy Shop Show are a superior choice in Queensland for both professional event entertainment and theatrical dance cabaret works.

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Unique Selling Point

While many of us regard the Jazz Age as the era of feathers, flappers and speakeasy’s this production reminds audiences there was a lot more going on during that time. With the aid of newsreels and old film footage the audience is transported back in time to understand the events which inspired the incredible music and dance. The informative projection elements play a huge part in fusing the performance components and assists in emerging the audience into each era. This is a history lesson with a twist and the most fun you could possibly have in a pair of fishnets!

Marketing Materials

Plenty of Youtube footage of recent performances by the Candy Shop Show company, testimonials, flyers, countless original youtube clips of the real music & dance of the time, etc.

Community Engagement

Our light, energetic and cheeky approach to a history lesson has never been more fun! Imagine going out on a Friday night for dinner, drinks and a night at the theatre only to walk away having seen not only the best chorus line in town, but a whole bunch of facts about a past era delivered by a flapper in fishnets?

Our performance aims to cheekily challenge the audience to connect with modern pop artists who draw influence from the jazz age as well as pay homage to the artists of the time. Challenging audiences with information such as “Did you know that hip hop and street dance draws inspiration from popular dance style of the 1920s The Black Bottom Dance?” and “Did you know that The Charleston wasn’t the only popular style of the 1920s?” instantly suggests that this is no ordinary fluffy show about old-school dancing, but a clever and cheeky look at how influences of the jazz age are still relevant in pop culture today.

As part of our tour we would conduct dance cabaret workshops to young performers who otherwise may not have access to this style of dance.