Hilarious and heart-warming, this show is women in sport meets heartbreaking family saga with a huge dash of side-splitting laughs.

The Longest Minute is a co-production between Queensland Theatre, JUTE Theatre and debase productions. Written by Robert Kronk and Nadine McDonald-Dowd, it’s the story of a young girl, Jess Wright, who dreams of playing professional football. Told through the prism of the real-life story of the North Queensland Cowboys Rugby League team and their last-minute Grand Final victory in 2015, it follows the Wright family's trials and tribulations. Like the disparate community of North Queensland, Jess’ family is divided – her dad’s Murri, her mum’s white. Whilst her brother Laurie has easy success as a young sportsman, Jess has to fight hard for any small amount of recognition. Dad Frank has a difficult relationship with the head of the family, Uncle Gordon, yet Laurie craves his time with his uncle up at Cloncurry. And then something happens that tears their world apart - and only their love for each other - and for their beloved Cowboys - can help them find their way back. From their sacred spot on the hill at the Cowboys’ home ground, the Wrights cheer, jeer, laugh and cry their way through 20 years of hit-ups, break-ups, triumphs and heartbreak on and off the field.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
Ten (10)

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Since its inception Queensland Theatre has had active regional and education programs, which are considered to be some of most extensive and successful of any theatre company in Australia, introducing young people to high-quality performance programs in their own communities and giving them opportunities to actively participate. Most notable is the landmark program, The Regional Scene Project.

In recent years, Queensland Theatre has toured extensively - traveling across regional Queensland, to major festivals and venues throughout Australia, and internationally, to the UK.

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Unique Selling Point

Made by and about people from regional Australia, this show was created in a partnership between First Nations artist Nadine McDonald-Dowd and Robert Kronk, both from Central Queensland. Vivid and inventively simple staging takes the audience from a family's backyard BBQ to a huge stadium of screaming fans, underscored by much-loved anthemic pop.
From the beginning, audiences are drawn into the world of the show in a playful banter with the actors. Before long, we are transfixed by the love, courage and heartache of the family at the centre of this story.

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Community Engagement

Pre-show workshops are offered with members of the cast who are First Nations artists. They can work with local community members or young audiences Cast are available to talk to the audience in post-show Q & A events or attend post-show Meet & Greet events hosted by the venue or local community groups