The Magical World of Crazy Science.. A unique mix of Science, Magic, Humour and The Arts

Take a wild ride with your host, multi-award winning entertainer, scientist and teacher Richard Scholes through the 'Magical World of Crazy Science'. Crazy Science is a unique show that incorporates science, magic, comedy mime and music. Chemistry and Physics dominate the shows as the audience witnesses giant columns of elephant toothpaste, toilet paper flying high, smoke rings zooming, the incredible magic of polymers and gigantic bubbles which have to be seen to be believed. Add this to a hilarious mix of world class interactive magic from an award winning magician, cool music and sound effects from the D.J. and you have one of the world's most engaging science shows!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Smoke and flash paper used if permitted

Host Richard Scholes is a multi award-winning entertainer, scientist and teacher. After working in the field of science, and performing arts, Richard saw a need for a show to teach kids about science in a fun way. I saw a science experiment demonstrated while I was at University and thought why don't kids see experiments like this? Why didn't I see this when I was at school? A show was born combining magic, outrageous science experiments, comedy, mime and music and now Crazy Science has performed over 3,000 shows in Australia and Overseas.
This show not only entertains kids but is suitable for all ages.

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Unique Selling Point

No other Science Show has a world recognized, multi award-winning entertainer, magician and visual artist as well as a scientist and teacher as its presenter! Richard's whole career has been about entertaining children and adults alike. Crazy Science is a show like no other, a show that combines science, magic, comedy, music and the arts. "It is a wonderful thing to inspire and engage children to see the magic that is science."

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Community Engagement

Science experiments to do at home, Articles and experiments in local papers, Dress up as a Crazy Scientist for the show, Pre show science activities for children, Meet and greet after the show, Get children to write about climate change and how they think it affects them.