A suite of non-verbal, inclusive magical roving mask theatre acts that connect directly to the heart.

THE MASK FAMILY have a suite of world-class roving acts that connect directly to the heart - which explore concepts of identity, resilience, the joy of authentic human interaction and laugh out loud fun; transcending language and cultural barriers, connecting to audiences regardless of age, race, gender, creed or ability.

THE LOLLY POP LADIES - engage in playful games with members of the crowd as they activate your event.

THE ENGLISH BOBBIES - are a show-stopping comical mask trio; dressed in the iconic original English police constable uniforms, bring hilarious slapstick and occasional buffoonery to keep the crowds laughing.

THE TOURISTS - are a vibrant, oversized, colourful and playful family. They have a mischievous sense of humour and a general air of cheekiness that enables them to provide high-quality interactions that keep audiences thrilled, and endlessly engaged.

THE TAMBORINE BAND - are a joyful and slightly unhinged trio; a seriously committed ensemble of musicians, not quite playing exactly in tune with each other, but continuing to perform their special comedic outtakes to the crowd’s amusement.

MADE TO MEASURE - are the quintessential tailors from a bygone era. Always in search of the perfect measurement, they engage in playful interactions with members of the crowd.

Venue Format
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
3 (Mask Theatre Performers)

What do they need? (Technical Specifications)


A dressing room with: -Same Level or lift access to performance areas. -Basic Furnishings. -"Back Stage" access to toilets & running water. -Mirror and good lighting. -Water.

THE MASK FAMILY are a suite of full face, non-verbal, accessible, inclusive and magical roving mask theatre acts that connect directly to the heart. Highly visual, interactive, non-intrusive and non-language dependent, this unique form of roving theatre is performed by an ensemble of 10 internationally renowned and critically acclaimed Australian physical theatre performers.

THE MASK FAMILY are available separately or in combination and work most effectively as a trio. Available now, throughout Australia, New Zealand & Asia, for Festivals, Shopping Centres, Product Launches, Parades, Nightclubs and Corporate Events - or any other occasion.

THE MASK FAMILY received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through the Arts Queensland Showcase Program.

"The English Bobbies were an absolute hit with audiences! The performers were incredibly entertaining and engaging! Would highly recommend them for any event! World Class!"

★★★★★– Johanna Clark, Promotional Staff, The 2018 Commonwealth Games (2018)

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Unique Selling Point

THE MASK FAMILY are a suite of phenomenal roving acts that will captivate your audiences -fascinating, unforgettable and visual. They are unique, eye-catching interactive entertainment that stands out from the crowd; charming and fun characters that will delight and surprise. They have an extraordinary strong visual aesthetic that will provide spectacular experiences; from engaging children and posing for photos at family-friendly events, to mingling with delegates at a conference, being mischievous with guests at gala dinners, right through to wowing audiences at product launches. THE MASK FAMILY are Brisbane based and are available throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials include:

-Professional production images. -Booklet of all acts. -Short trailer of each act.

Community Engagement


Being able to laugh, to see the funny side, is in itself, a vital life skill. Full face non-verbal mask theatre conceals, gives permission to play, allows expression, liberates and reveals. Our participants are continually amazed by their own, their peers, and our performer’s transformations. Mask Theatre instils a sense of joy, vulnerability, physical discipline and freedom of expression; teaching us that nothing and none of us can truly be taken too seriously. Our approach is underpinned by the assumption that everyone has something to offer and that comedy (and laughter) is a unique and powerful engager, that can inspire anyone who might otherwise hold back.

Workshops will be facilitated by our Artistic Director:

CLINT BOLSTER is a Clown, Physical Actor, Mask Theatre Specialist, Stilt Performer & Trainer and Teaching Artist from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. With over 16 years' committed to developing new works and training extensively, Clint regularly performs in Australia and internationally in the United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. He was recently accepted into the Cirque Du Soleil database of potential Clowns for future productions and is a proud Queensland Member and Mentor for The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, and Board Member for Indel-Ability Arts.