There’s a happy couple. They’ve been together a few years. They do things couples do: walk together, talk together, meander through IKEA, anal, crosswords on Sunday mornings.

One day he realises she’s The One, so he gets down on one knee (as is tradition) and proposes. And she explodes: “Do you actually know what marriage is? It’s a way of turning women into property.” And he gets her point… kind of… but he loves her, and surely she’ll come around. I mean, he’s seen The Taming of the Shrew. Some women just need more convincing than others.

THE ONE is a theatrical fever dream that takes the boy gets girl cliché and impales it with marriage’s grim history. An angry guitar sits under hissed words as the story of Him and Her breaks apart in this new piece written by Jeffrey Jay Fowler (FAG/STAG) and performed by Georgia King and Mark Storen.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Contains adult content.

Needs a PA or FOH sound system for performers to plug into and a lighting rig.

Whiskey & Boots is the new performance company created to house the work of performer, director, writer, musician Mark Storen and performer/producer Georgia King. Whiskey & Boots work is best described as Storytelling with Music.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

As Described by Melbourne Arts Review "The play is delivered with plenty of energy and finesse in an absorbing production that reverberates with poetry and humour and utter realness. While sometimes funny this 60-minute rarest of gems is ultimately a portrait of the way we instinctively try to protect ourselves from getting hurt, by avoiding or pursuing matrimony, whatever the gender."

Marketing Materials

We will provide marketing packs inclusive of images, copy, digital show promo, Artwork for posters flyers, interviews and reviews. We have had three successful seasons 2 in Perth and one in Melbourne and have gathered excellent marketing collateral that can be used to help sell the show by providing a clear and detail idea of what the show is about and how it has been received.

Community Engagement

The creative team have many years of experience delivering workshops to communities of different ages and experiences.

‘The One’ blends many styles of performance while questioning our values around marriage. Accompanying this show we could offer two workshop types that will deepen audiences understanding of the show, the process of making this kind of theatre which offers skills to community members in making a show based on storytelling and music processes.


*Storytelling with music This workshop or facilitated discussion demonstrates how our own personal stories can be weaved into an engaging presentable story, either written or spoken. Recorded or Displayed.

*Creating Workshop This workshop examines and demonstrates the different processes employed by the creative team in making the work. Through this facilitated process we will take community members through a devising process to help identify, explore and question issues of importance in the community. It enables participants to find a voice to present this to workshop participants using storytelling.