Beneath a window of animated stars, a frail woman hobbles across the stage to her rickety bed. Medical staff whisk her through a battery of measurements then march away. Deeply alone, our old woman falls asleep. Then, strangely, she is visited by a dark, beautiful, comical bird, delivering a mysterious package ... then more arrive!

Fearing the unknown, she struggles with the packages, refusing to accept them. Who are they from? What could be inside? One at a time their contents are revealed. They are memories: playful, poignant, surreal and tender. We take an journey with her through love, loss, joy, despair and wonder. Then the final package arrives: will it contain the ultimate gift?

Combining puppetry, physical theatre, animation and mask, ‘The Package’ rides an enchanting musical score to tell its story without any words. It moves between poignancy and belly-laughing happiness with ease and in a way that anyone can understand. Children and adults are treated as equals, engaging with life, old-age, death, love & loss through the poetry of theatre.

Like well-loved picture book, ‘The Package’ reaches across ages and languages, reminding us that no matter how old we are, the theatre – and life itself – is full of magic.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
3 artists (option: the show can be scaled up to include 3 musicians, playing our original score live). If venue cannot supply a lighting and AV technician, 1 crew member required

RATING: PG CONTENT WARNINGS: strong themes, "nude" puppets

We have a scene which playfully depicts romance. It references youthful attraction using nude costumes. The body parts are cartoonish, effectively made of lycra and bean-bag filler (very bouncy!) and they greatly augment the male genitalia and female breasts. The scene is innocent and comical, and so far has been well received by all ages. In another scene, a shadow puppet gives birth.

Themes of old age, institutionalisation, mental health, grief, loss and death are explored, as are love, memories and tenderness.

The full-length show requires a projector and screen. If the venue / presenter cannot supply them, our production team can.

Packed Theatre is an ensemble of Alice Springs artists creating works of magical realism and wonder for all ages. Using the ‘language’ of puppetry, physical theatre, animation and music, they tell stories without any spoken words, taking their audiences on surreal and soulful journeys, described as “playful”, “joyous”, “mesmerising”, “enchanting” and “deeply moving”.

Katelnd Griffin, Kristy Schubert & Robbie Hoad began collaborating in 2014. Their first collective work, 'The Package', is based on Griffin’s original concept, inspired by her experience as a medical intern dealing with the deaths of elderly patients in hospital. Together, the team have created a soulful and surreal journey that addresses socially-hidden subjects with beauty, humour and great heart.

The team has a passion for community engagement through the arts and have worked with young people, senior people, Indigenous and CALD communities. They use skills in community development and workshop facilitation to create fun, meaningful experiences beyond the show itself.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

This is an all-ages inclusive show, addressing socially-hidden subjects with beauty, humour and great heart

Additional workshop program designed to foster connections between senior people and young students.

Option of 3-hander with pre-recorded score OR scaled up to include 3 live musicians


“Mesmerising & Captivating. Bravo.”

“An exquisite integration of theatre, animation, puppetry and story”

“No dialogue! But the show said it all.”

“Visually stunning and unfailingly graceful.”

"Funny, poignant and deeply satisfying."

"Allegorical, poetic, spellbinding and world-class"

“Captivating for everyone: from babes to grandparents”

“There should be more shows like this”

Marketing Materials

We are currently refining our marketing material, but will be able to provide: • marketing copy • poster templates • flyer templates • postcard templates • production stills • links to our website and Facebook pages • promo footage (website and broadcast quality) • other footage: e.g. interviews with artists • education pack (first draft due 13 Feb 2017, second draft due late March 2017) • community engagement process with associated materials (able to be customised with details for each location)

Community Engagement

Packed Theatre are passionate about community engagement through the arts and have experience facilitating programs across a broad range of ages, cultural identities and language groups.

In the lead up to the show, we'd like to run 'workshops-with-a-purpose', inviting young people (schools) and older people (senior groups) along at the same time.

Workshop durations: approx. 90min but flexible Ongoing residency option: Either workshop 1) or 2) can be delivered as a one-off or as an ongoing residency. Residencies can be used to build the participants' work into public showings.

What participants achieve: 1) The Memory Post (workshop or residency): • skills in reflective listening • experience with Forum and Playback theatre, using physical performance as a form of reflective listening • experience connecting with people of vastly different ages

2) Bringing Things to Life (workshop or residency): • skills in endowing an object with character, breath, intention, relationship and dramatic symbol • skills exploring dramatic mood, contrast and juxtaposition • experience connecting with people of vastly different ages

Memory Post (end of show: not a workshop in itself): • Every audience member receives a postcard as they leave. The back says: "Write about a treasured memory and send it to someone you care about." Nurturing connectedness through good old post!