Come one... Come all ... From tin whistles to French horns, violins to ukuleles, guitars to clarinets, any instrument and players of all skill levels are welcome to join The People’s Orchestra in an all inclusive collaboration of dizzying heights, ambition – and fun. Andrew Veivers will push your musical boundaries, excite your sensory receptors, and suggest a version of an orchestra that you may have never considered - think session bar meets Wagner!?!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Red Chair is committed to assisting presenters with accessing necessary funding for the production through RADF and other sources.

Presenters need to be willing to assist with promoting and supporting the inclusion of local musicians.

Red Chair is a Queensland-based performing arts and event management company recognised nationally as a major producing and touring body for culturally diverse works. Red Chair was the winner of the 2014 Premier's Cultural Diversity Award - Small Business.

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Unique Selling Point

The People’s Orchestra has proved popular with patrons from diverse cultures and age groups with estimated age demographics 10% children (under 12), 28% young people (12 - 25), 52% adults and 10% older adults (over 65). The diversity is also reflected in the instrumentation which has included tuba, trombones, French horn, saxophones, clarinets, oboe, nickleharps, euphonium, panpipes, guitars, piano accordion, ukuleles, harmonica, mandolins, xylophone, a complete string section, percussion including triangle, stompbox, frame drum, tamborine, djembe, bodran, bongo and more.

Community Engagement

The entire production is based on a model of community engagement.

Veivers composes an orchestral work based on a chosen community or festival theme. The work will include orchestration for up to 15 independent lines and inclusive of the instrumentation used by the participating musicians. Orchestra participation will be open to the general public and the work will be rehearsed in the week leading up to presentation. Presentations can include processions, performance and pop-up /flashmob appearances.

As a model of community engagement within the arts, The People’s Orchestra creates significant benefits for local communities, project partners and the patrons of local arts and cultural events including: • bringing vibrancy and innovation to arts practice by strengthening the degree of public commitment to the practice • celebrating the local community’s identity and culture • increasing human capital: skills and creative abilities • event promotion and increased audience access • increasing stakeholder commitment • increasing wellbeing, social support, social inclusion, social capital, capacity building • increasing opportunities for self-expression and enjoyment • increasing opportunities for employment in the arts • promoting neighbourhood cultural diversity