Be transported to a musical world that embraces cultural diversity and captures the heart of the human spirit.

Boasting an eclectic journey across pop, rock, Flamenco, folk, Persian, Irish and more, Zannah's past music travels across the world has brought home a fascinating concoction that not only showcases her enormous vocal expertise, but also her ability to tackle and intersect multiple styles.

Zannah’s music accentuates the contemporary world genre in a bold and modern manner that highlights her syncretic world views, her authenticity and devotion to all music genres.

"Experimental, bold and gloriously expansive, this debut EP from Brisbane’s Zannah is one of the most untethered statements to come out of Australia in recent memory". - SpeakerTV (April, 2018)

There is no doubt that Zannah, with her explosive vocal prowess, her classical and modern influences, has created something accessible and appealing to both mature and youthful audiences.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
5 musicians and 1 sound technician (optional)

This show is best suited for adult audiences but children are welcome. It is easy to set up and pack down and can be performed several times a day. The music performed is culturally diverse and aims to resonate with the hearts of each audience member regardless of their background.

SOL productions is managed by Susanna O’Leary who is passionate about supporting local artists and collaborating with musicians from diverse backgrounds to bring music from all cultures to the forefront of the Australian music industry. Currently SOL productions represents Brisbane based artists Zannah, Hjarta and Imaya (

Unique Selling Point

Following the release of her debut EP "The Promised Land", Zannah has created a show that highlights the beauty of cross-cultural musical exploration and reflects the heart of the human experience. Her music combines contemporary pop/rock with Persian, Flamenco and Irish influences and will appeal to audiences from diverse cultural backgrounds and from all walks of life.

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EP available to download or stream: In need of some tunes to whisk you away to a seductive sonic paradise? Look no further than Brissie contemporary world music artist Zannah who this year exploded into the world with her dynamic debut EP 'The Promised Land'.

Community Engagement

Zannah and her band offer workshops and training specialising in vocal improvisation and international rhythms. These workshops will equip local communities with tools to explore their instrument in a fun, uninhabited, and safe environment. Participants will be shown techniques that will help them find their unique sound and be given tips on how to improvise over chords. They will also be introduced to Spanish clapping (palmas) and rhythmic patterns found in Gypsy, Latin and Middle Eastern cultures. This workshop is designed for beginner and intermediate students of all ages and aims to inspire participants in their own creative musical exploration. Furthermore it will educate audiences on the rhythms and musical elements featured in the concert "The Promised Land".