Queensland, it's you and me, where I wanna be - It's a Sunshine State of Mind!

In the spirit of the Blues Brothers, at a time where most communities are doing it tough, the Queensland Show sees Nik Phillips sent on a "mission of god" to explore, celebrate and grow the Queensland Spirit. Using songs, stories, poems, videos and even a mini pub choir, across 2 x 50 minute performances, Nik delivers a funny, emotional and inspirational journey that fully engages audiences, large and small.

Including video interaction with State of Origin Legends, and some other Queensland artists, Nik tosses in a string of surprises and he looks into the history of the Qld Spirit, our culture, challenges we are facing while especially shining a spotlight on numerous local unsung heroes!

The show offers communities a reason to explore their local spirit! After the show, Nik encourages people to stay and share their unique Queensland stories to camera, which get shared via social media (and maybe turned into a song!).

The package also includes a one hour (pre-show) "Local Songwriting Workshop", where Nik shares information and his experience to assist songwriters in creating songs about their local community.

A local artists will also be invited to perform an opening 20min set prior the Nik's performance.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The show can be performed as a family friendly show or as an adult performance (which includes mild language).

For smaller venues the production can be delivered fully inclusive. (up to 200 people) For larger venues (or as requested) the performance can utilise in-house facilities which need to include sound system and access to highly visible video screens and work with local venue staff and technicians.

As well as single performances and workshops, a "regional package" is available which includes performances in towns which do not regularly access touring shows. Please contact form more details.


For over 30 years, Nik Phillips has lived and breathed the power of music connecting people!

Whether being the “Beer Garden” guy, releasing his own albums, producing “official” songs for the State of Origin, Queensland Reds and the Australian Defence Force (and more), or even being the only western artist “in the world” to get to number 3 on the Chinese National Radio Charts (singing in Chinese with Chinese artists!) - Nik's story is unique!

A lot of artists can demand and control a room, backed by a band, huge PA and light show. Very few can do it armed with an acoustic guitar! That is Nik's playground!

Nik has shovelled extensive experience into developing the Sunshine State of Mind Show. It is intimate, funny, emotional and “genuine”. It is a show where Nik goes out on a limb - and bares his Queensland soul!

It has been designed to operate as a genuine one man show and production, thus minimising costs for venues and we emerge from Covid lockdowns and can be performed before small and large audiences.

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Unique Selling Point

The Queensland Show is built around community engagement. At its heart it celebrates the Queensland Spirit that we share across the state, and encourages people to explore their local roots, unsung heroes, unique stories and more. It is a show about the audience, about their lives, their families, their experiences.

As a one man show, a significant slice of intimacy underpins the performance, while the combination of songs, stories, poems, videos and audience participation provides a fast paced journey that delivers a laugh, a tear and a pocket full of inspiration.

Marketing Materials

  1. Focused on local stories, the show will be supported by many regional radio and media interviews.
  2. The Local Songwriting Workshop offers a second layer of local marketing opportunities through local councils and organisations.
  3. As the show is rolled out, local stories will be collected on film for social media sharing and marketing. The show encourages the public to become part of the on-going marketing team!

Community Engagement

  1. Media will be generated by sharing local community stories.
  2. The Local Songwriting Workshop delivers direct community interaction.
  3. After the show, community members are encouraged to get involved in sharing their local stories to camera.
  4. These stories will engage the local communities through social media sharing and promotions.