Baking, modern appliances, social events.... the struggle is real!

The girls from Candy Shop Show Australia are back with their brand new Vintage Extravaganza The Real Housewives! Serving up a delicious aroma of contempt topped with a dripping layer of sarcasm this group of irreverent women negotiate the very real struggles of a retro housewife. Singing and dancing their way through social events, baking competitions and navigating the use of modern electrical appliances these very different ladies will have you in stitches with their sharp wit and dated views on love, life and husbands. With beautiful harmonies and incredible dance numbers The Real Housewives is set to a swinging soundtrack from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s! These girls will have you tapping those toes and singing along to the best of the swing and rock n roll era while proving that a woman’s place is certainly NOT in the kitchen!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Tech requirements: 4 x wireless mics with stands Min 4m x 4m dance space with floor suitable for tap dancing Quick change area (each cast member has approximately 10 costume changes each) Projector and screen

Candy Shop Show are Brisbane-based producers of high-quality dance cabaret works suitable for the corporate and theatrical environment. With explosive shows bursting at the seams with thrilling musical theatre, commercial dance and leggy showgirl routines Candy Shop Show are a superior choice in Queensland for both professional event entertainment and theatrical dance cabaret works.

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Unique Selling Point

The show features popular music from the Swing and Rock and Roll eras which makes it appealing for all ages - but predominantly baby-boomers. The girls sing, dance and fumble their way through the eras while navigating the highs and lows of being a retro housewife. We aim to take audiences on an unforgettable musical journey with plenty of laughs, high-energy dancing and incredible energy.

Marketing Materials

Promotional images, youtube clips, strong social media following, print material templates, footage.

This production is still in creative development and has not had a premiere.

Community Engagement

Our light, energetic and cheeky approach to a dance cabaret has never been more fun! Led by four sarcastic housewives, this production will have audiences falling off their chairs with laughter while those feet just can't stop tapping along to some of the most recogniseable tunes from the swing and rock and roll eras!

Although The Real Housewives appeals to everyone young and old, our main focus are Baby Boomers as the show features with a marvellous curation of songs from artists such as Irving Berlin, The Andrews Sisters, Elvis Presley, The Chordettes (plus many more!) Previously our shows have worked particularly well in the Morning Melodies program given the age-appropriateness of the repertoire from the Swing and Retro eras, however also works beautifully as a featured evening cabaret.

As part of our tour we would aim to conduct dance cabaret and vocal workshops to both senior citizens and young performers.... and anyone in between! We believe a taste of cabaret is just what the world needs to make it a happier place!