Mercedes DeLuca-Jones is in a rut. Her BFF (and top fashion designer) Richie, has just passed away leaving a void in her heart and wardrobe... and voices in her head. Her husband’s eyes (and other bits) are straying; not that she really minds, she’s been trying to get rid of him for years. Her children have both left home and travelled to Nepal to ‘give something back’ (she still doesn’t know what) and her body is starting to do things that frankly she finds hideous. So, when ‘The Real Housewives Of’ franchise open auditions for a Gold Coast reality show, Mercedes realises it is her destiny!

Marvel as Mercedes DeLuca-Jones explores every avenue of her abundant assets to become the next Really Real House Wife of Surfers Paradise!

This one woman comedy cabaret will tap into the heart and mind of the middle aged misfit in all of us, desperate to hang onto her youth and make her mark in this world, with or without a man. Created and performed by popular jazz singer/comedian Lisa LaCelle and accompanied by every ones’ favourite lady of the keys, Peta Wilson.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Adult content and strong language.

As a stand up comedienne, Lisa LaCelle has worked with the likes of Kitty Flanagan and Denise Scott in venues such as Brisbane’s Sitdown Comedy Club, Gold Coast Arts Centre, Jupiter’s and Treasury Casinos, the Melbourne Comedy Festival, as well as a tour of New Zealand. Lisa has also written and performed sets for corporate clients including Telstra, Flight Centre and Surf Life Saving Australia. As a vocalist she has performed in various clubs, including the Brisbane Jazz Club where she has recently enjoyed 5 sell out shows. This production is the first cabaret LaCelle has written and has the show has enjoyed two sell-out audiences at the Sitdown Comedy Club in Brisbane in April and September 2016. LaCelle has also owned and run a furniture business both in the UK and in Australia and prides herself on her professionalism, business acumen and marketing abilities. Peta Wilson has featured as Musical Director on “So Unusual - Confessions of a Lauper Stalker” at the QLD Cabaret Festival, and “The Devil Wears Leigh Buchanan”, which sold out at Wonderland (Brisbane Powerhouse), and Feast Festival (Adelaide). Peta has also accompanied Jenny Wynter and Carita Spencer aka Dame Farrar at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

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Unique Selling Point

This comedy cabaret will tap into the heart and mind of the middle aged misfit in all of us, desperate to hang onto her youth and make her mark on this world, with or without a man. The character deals with issues that many women of a like age deal with; abandonment, infidelity and a sense of not knowing who she is, portrayed in a comedic way the relativity for many in the audience will be significant.

Appealing to 25-85 year old men or women who have felt insecure, unattractive or aging and the men who try to understand them!

Marketing Materials

The Really Real Housewife of Surfers Paradise has a ready made marketing hook, as the "Real Housewives of" continues to be a popular reality television phenomenon . The producer has set up a Facebook page for her alter ego, Mercedes DeLuca-Jones providing 'advice' on lifestyle, fashion, husbands etc.

The first youtube clip (as below) gives a concise background of DeLuca-Jones and tone of the show. The clip also features the character's own fictional homewares/clothing website, the producer is working with a designer to produce 'Mercedeism' merchandise: T-shirts, tea towels etc which will be available for purchase at performances.

Community Engagement

The Really Real Housewife of Surfers Paradise show takes us inside the mind and heart of a forty-something woman, who like many other similarly aged women are looking for what defines them, whether it be because of marriage, children etc they feel they have lost themselves somehow. The main character, while not at all the 'average housewife' due to substantial wealth, still feels the same insecurities and uncertainty as any woman. "She's just an average girl....but with better shoes!" Through the power of comedy this heartfelt show delves into the demons in all of us and reminds us - the grass isn't always greener on the other side. With such emphasis on youthfulness, money and fame in our society when is enough, enough and what will one sacrifice to achieve their goal? It is always easy to judge someone in the spotlight and presume we know their personality,background or motivation but until we have walked in their shoes-who are we to judge? The creator hopes the show will remind us of the important things in life; family, friends, love and health, while providing a really good laugh and maybe a few tears.