Spin. Measure. Cut. The Thread of Life.

Australian Choreographer Lina Limosani and Scottish theatre director Al Seed plunge audiences into the story of the Fates of Greek mythology. Virtuoso Australian dancers Tara Jade Samaya and Kialea-Nadine Williams join Limosani on stage to play the three Fates who spin, measure and cut the thread of life, creating an emotionally charged dance-theatre performance which weaves together themes of mortality, freewill and sisterhood. Through stunning imagery, an immersive original score, dance and visual theatre, this work is a fiercely dynamic piece, delivered with relentless intensity and athleticism in an exhilarating journey into myth and imagination.

THE SPINNERS brings the Fates down to earth and re-imagines them living in the heart of a sprawling city. From their humble apartment they oversee the births and deaths of all human beings. Drawing thread from their own bodies they weave mannequins, imbuing them with the breath of life. These mannequins form a giant web: the interconnectedness of all human journeys. When a human life is nearing its end the corresponding mannequin is committed to the ether.

This work demonstrates how contemporary dance can provide a vehicle for intelligent and provocative storytelling.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

The Spinners is a highly tourable work, with a set currently stored in both the UK and Australia.

It is possible to share the space with another performance. Ideally 1.5 hrs is required before this show starts and 30 minute bump out.

The company is excited to introduce new communities to the work through the performances and other platforms including community engagement.

Led by performing artist Lina Limosani, Limosaniprojekts is a project-based contemporary dance company devoted to the development of unique performance concepts, international collaborations and the appreciation and understanding of dance and the performing arts. By creating and building a reputation for dance that is exciting, thought-provoking and accessible, limosaniprojekts aims to continue to build relationships with existing and potential audiences and act as an advocate for the field of dance. With strong beliefs in the collaborative process, all dancers contribute to the creation of movement that is energetic, theatrical and technically demanding, contributing to performance work of the highest calibre.

Lina has created a number of works; 'A Delicate Situation' (nominated for three Boh Cameronian Awards, an Adelaide Critics Circle Award and an Australian Dance Award), 'One’s Wicked Ways' for Australian Dance Theatre, 'Whispers From Pandora’s Box' for the New Zealand Dance Company, and 'Not Today’s Yesterday' a collaboration with British Bharatanatyam dancer Seeta Patel which premiered at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe receiving the Best in Dance and Peace Foundation Awards. The Spinners premiered in July 2018 with SELL OUT seasons at the Adelaide Dance Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it was nominated for a Total Theatre Award for Dance.

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Unique Selling Point

The Spinners is a distinctive take on what dance can be. While the Spinners is definitely a dance work and non text based, it has a developed and overarching theatrical and suspenseful narrative that leaves audiences on the edge of their seats…. ‘what will happen next?’ The amalgamation of diverse performance making techniques is investigating how contemporary dance can facilitate highly physicalised storytelling with fantastical visual imagery. The Spinners is an unusual hybrid of dance and theatre, highlighting a presentation style seldom seen in Australia.

Marketing Materials

Print Material Template, Images, Promotional Video

Marketing and promotional packs have been developed in preparation for the World Premiere in July. This includes: Broadcast standard promotional clips, 'Meet the Creative Team - Cast and Crew interviews' clip, media release, company biographies, hi res production and marketing images, reviews, press and quotes.

Shortlisted for the Total Theatre Award, Edinburgh Fringe 2018. Top 10 best dance work in UK, 2018 - London Evening Standard

Community Engagement

  • MASTERCLASS: Props such as string & dolls, guiding dancers through choreographic devising processes similar to The Spinners.
  • WORKSHOP FOR DANCERS: With the purpose of developing physicality, expressiveness, emotional content and characterisation; aimed at integrating these elements into your existing practice.
  • DESIGN WORKSHOPS (Subscribers, Library goes, local knitting, weaving groups and nursing homes). Audiences creating the artistic design content for the show or displays.
  • The company work closely with presenters to design engagement opportunities that respond to their communities. Our development at Dancebase was a residency designed around a comprehensive professional development stream for local professional dancers.
  • We also offer a competition to win tickets to see The Spinners side stage.

  • Tours on stage and behind the scenes.
  • Opportunity to watch 45 minutes of plotting session.

Workshops can range between 5 year olds to 20, and varied between simple creative classes to company repertoire and choreographic exploration. Workshops can be undertaken both regionally and internationally. Lina was a resident choreographer at Fontys Dance Academy in Holland for 6 years, and has extensive experience in communicating in foreign countries.

Lina has worked with the ‘deaf’ community in Melbourne, via ‘The Delta Project’ with Arts Access Victoria.