Get trackside to see who will win the most famous race of all in this fist-pumping and fun musical adventure.

From the The Owl and the Pussycat team comes a new 45-minute intimate and interactive musical experience for primary school students with messages of perseverance, positive thinking and resilience, The Tortoise and the Hare.

Set at a race track with sports carnival hype, Kathryn Marquet’s light and comical re-interpretation of this classic fable will delight young audiences with its contemporary take on two colourful characters. The tortoise is the big-dreaming, starry-eyed, hopeful underdog who dares to take on the selfie-taking and dab-loving boastful hare.

Lead by Director Bridget Boyle, this production features immersive theatre, audience enrolment and live performance of two singers and saxophonist with a lively pre-record track. The music is kinetic and harmonically-colourful with the musician playing a vital role in the action.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race…This famous maxim has even greater poignance in today’s rapid consumer culture. Our production will tackle issues of bullying, social media use and positive self-identity. Devices are the new black - keeping up with YouTube vlogs, games, the instafamous and 24/7 social sharing. Yet the creativity to solve problems is best found when we take time to dream, think big and think smart. Importantly, this process requires self belief.

Venue Format
Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

In a theatre space: Same day open (1st show after 4.30pm). 4 hour bump in

  • Can perform up to 3 shows a day
  • The show is intimate, so capacity is limited
  • children sit on the ground
  • Black-box venues with removable seating banks / no seating banks are ideal
  • The show tours with full technical equipment
  • Can perform up to three shows per day but no more than two three-show days consecutively

At Little Match Productions, we are passionate about exploring our collective humanity via its most primal and intrinsically expressive media - the voice. Our works traverse comedy-cabaret, opera, classical music and children’s productions, delivering high quality entertainment enjoyed by audiences on many levels.

We are a collective of like-minded female arts professionals. Founded by Alicia Cush and joined by Penny Challen (Co-Artistic Directors) and Performer/Producer Bethan Ellsmore, we engage a variety of artists in rigorous collaboration for each project. Over the past six years, Little Match Productions has developed a reputation for its unique ability to present classical repertoire and vocal techniques in creative contemporary contexts.

Based in Brisbane, our primary focus is creating new, entertaining works for people across ALL of Queensland. We believe in making high quality work that is easily accessible to audiences. For our children’s shows, we pride ourselves on our hidden-vegetable art making skills that ensure ethical stories, told through excellent music, are wrapped up in joy and laughter.

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Unique Selling Point

  • It’s intimate - The performance mode is immersive and undeniably engaging for young audiences
  • It’s interactive - the children become involved in the storytelling at times
  • It’s experiential, utilising strong visual and aural stimulation
  • It’s opera made accessible - The script and score are of the highest integrity and quality
  • The new score will have a highly kinetic, rhythmically intricate and harmonically colourful style
  • It is inspired an eclectic variety of contemporary classical, jazz, avant-garde and electronic music
  • It appeals to adults and children alike
  • It's based on cross-generational literature
  • It’s a page-to-stage production with a difference
  • It's hidden vegetable art

Marketing Materials

Little Match Productions will provide a complete marketing pack including: -Print templates -Graphic design assets -A range promotional images -Marketing copy -Short videos for social media campaigns -Digital colouring-in sheets (this can also be used in local print media or at libraries / cafes for advertising) -Foyer activation materials for advertising (sent 3 months before our arrival) are available to purchase at an additional cost -Education materials for schools use -We can also provide assistance with additional marketing materials. Please contact us if you have any specific needs

Community Engagement

Pre and post-show foyer activation - Choose your team and complete flag and banner-making activities for Team Hare or Team Tortoise. -Engages audience in foyer activities before Doors open, enriching the audience experience and acclimatises all with the venue. -Creates a Team asset to use for audience enrolment Foyer Display - Banners, bunting and Victory podium (with scenic backdrop) of the Tortoise and the Hare with 1st place photo opportunity -Creates a sports carnival feel and deepens the audience connection to the show -Great for in-venue marketing and social media *Children’s activities for advance publication in local newspapers - Colour-in illustration and kid’s crossword -Great free engagement with local press -Drives ticket sales and builds audiences

  • Set design development with children - we are looking for a creative partner Pre-event email with instructions for creating Team assets - encourage audience to come dressed in team colours -Enriches the audience experience and builds deeper connections with show and venue Post-event meet-and-greet/Q&A -Allows for face-to-face connection between performer and audience -Breaks down the barriers of the ‘4th wall’ and the accessibility of Theatre Potential partnering with local bookshops and/or libraries School education pack - currently in development *Sensory-friendly presentation available -Opens accessibility to more diverse audiences