Come and play with the performers at the Velvet Lounge. A quirky, seductive, dark comedy that breaks all the rules.

Velvet-Rose is the proprietor of the Velvet Lounge. An underground club operating in prohibition during lockdown. She invites guests to the club for fun and excitement where they are allowed to drink, unmask and misbehave but in return they must perform for her. If she isn't suitably entertained, well......... A dark comedy about boredom, murder and revenge. ​ The Velvet Lounge features Carole Williams as Velvet Rose. She is bored, ruthless and sardonic. To entertain her, guests have to be captivating. Each performance features special guest artists invited to take their chances on Velvet's stage. From artistic pole-dancers to drag performers and operatic rock to contemporary blues this show within a show brings a variety of exciting acts strung together with clever story telling and a plot that revolves around a back story of love, murder and revenge. In a show don’t tell experience the audience is invited to take a seat in the Velvet Lounge and experience close up the mystery, tension and dark humour of this quirky cabaret.

Williams effortlessly delivers this story along with a songs including Keep Young and Beautiful, We all go Together, The Soldier's Wife, Isolation, The Wild Rose, All the Perfect People and more!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Some of the songs contain explicit lyrics 5 performers 4 piece band Frontline required Simple to set bump in and out Can be modified in length and content to suit event and venue requirements

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

The Velvet Lounge features a diverse line up including artistic dancers, vocalists, drag performers and comedians. Each song is given a unique twist to suit the sultry, quirky, darkly comedic tone of the show. Contemporary themes mix with both contemporary and original songs, with each song carefully selected for wide audience appeal and lyrical humour and commentary. Interwoven is a love story, jealousy, murder and revenge. Visually stunning with beautiful costumes, sets and artistic dancing- The Velvet Lounge presents a show within a show.

Marketing Materials

There is a mystery to the show with different guests invited to perform each time. The variety of styles accompanied by some of Brisbane’s top musicians, enable Williams and her guests to entertain patrons with a outstanding vocals, performances, clever costuming, dialogue and artistry. A great story and an audio visual treat all rolled into one. High quality professional marketing materials including images and video footage for all social media platforms are available on request. Williams website is professionally designed and has been linked to promote her events to both performers large email distribution lists and social media platforms.

Community Engagement

Artists from within the community will be used to support this show. The show offers opportunities for different musicians to work with the core performers each time it is performed. The show is available to tour to regional and remote communities. The high quality and professional show will help to promote venues and bring people to communities that engage the show. Williams is happy to work with students interested in videoing and/or photographing the show to help develop their capabilities and provide them with experience. The performers and musicians will also provide interview experience for media students, Q and A with public and offer a singalong experience if desired.

As trained and professional teachers and facilitators with vast experience in community engagement including having held many workshops, developing digital and printed resources and giving presentations, Williams will excel in hosting these sessions. Additionally, they are able to host a question and answer session as well as provide other resources to assist young and emerging artists with writing, promoting and producing entertainment products for the professional market.