Sit back, relax and be transported...

Cascades Female Factory, Hobart Town. 1839. In a solitary cell, on the edge of survival, a ‘sleek little savage’ waits alone in the darkness. Left for dead, ten thousand miles from home, she plots escape and reveals, with biting mockery, the untold tales of her captors. This is Eden is at once an examination of our dark past, a parody of the way we perceive it and a vital call to arms.

From performer and theatre maker Emily Goddard and director Susie Dee comes a dark, humorous and provocative anti-bonnet drama inspired by the rebellion and resistance of the female convicts of Van Diemen’s Land. Using the French clowning technique of Bouffon, where outcasts ridicule and provoke those in power, Goddard and Dee tread a fine line between the grotesque and charming to bring to life an extraordinary tale of rebellion and survival that has conveniently escaped our nation’s history lesson.

This is Eden premiered at the HotHouse Butter Factory Theatre as a production-in-residence, supported by Creative Victoria, followed by two sold out Melbourne seasons at Fortyfivedownstairs, most recently as part of the 2018 VCE Drama Playlist. In 2019 it completed a regional Victorian tour supported by Regional Arts Victoria.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

The performance contains occasional coarse language and adult themes. Recommended for ages 15+.

The performance begins in the foyer and access to a sound system and space for a display is required. The show includes use of dripping water, best access to a tap will be discussed. Please see the tech specs for detailed technical requirements.

FROUDIST is a creative producing and arts management company launched in 2017 by Tahni Froudist. Focusing on contemporary practice and participatory work, Froudist has since collaborated with Outback Theatre for Young People, Flying Fruit Fly Circus, THE RABBLE, Alyson Evans, Emily Goddard, Cubbyhouse Co, Holly Austin, Daniel Schlusser Ensemble and Adena Jacobs’ Fraught Outfit.

Currently based in Albury-Wodonga, Froudist works across the country as a producer, consultant, and arts manager, proudly supporting the development, creation and touring of new Australian work.

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Unique Selling Point

This is Eden tells a story of significant historic importance. A playful and provocative take on an under told chapter of our history, made utterly contemporary in it's style and relevance, it attracts a broad demographic from young people and school groups to historians, convict descendants, educators and venues' own varied subscriber bases. The work’s unsentimental style with its use of dark clowning also makes it a unique theatrical experience for younger audiences (15+) and can be easily marketed to schools.

Marketing Materials

Marketing collateral (marketing copy, print templates, promotional and production images, promo footage & trailer), reviews and press articles are all available from our previous two seasons.

This is Eden was selected for the 2018 VCE Drama Playlist, and won the 2018 Drama Vic Award. An in depth education pack is available.

Community Engagement

The Australian history and genealogy aspects of This is Eden make it hugely appealing for family history enthusiasts, genealogists and historians of which there are many local regional groups and societies to be accessed. Emily’s extensive research into female convict history and her own female convict ancestry make for interesting and informative community talks and discussions alongside the show. These have proved highly successful during previous seasons with talks at the Albury Library Museum, the Genealogy Society of Victoria, The Descendants of Convicts Society and numerous post show Q&A's.

Workshops in Bouffon, Le Jeu and devising theatre have also proved highly successful with schools and community groups.

These talks and workshops not only shed light on the relatively unknown chapters of Female convict history and the anti-transportation debate, they ignite curiosity and discussions around all of our diverse backgrounds and the variety of journeys either we or our families undertook to be here. This is Eden allows its audiences, whether convict descendants or not, to connect in a meaningful way with our past and reflect on its relevance to our current national identity.