One hard-headed bloke, one hard-hearted daughter in a battle for the future.

Retired bulldozer driver Amos Hardy is crook. He desperately wants to protect his precious rainforest block, his ‘atonement’, on the shores of Floriade Bay, gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, from developers. Leading the charge for development is his estranged daughter Paula. She cannot see the natural value and beauty of the place for the dollar signs reflecting off the glistening waters of the Coral Sea. She wants to clear the land and build a high-end gambling tourist resort. But first she has to get it. Over Amos’ dead body!

A heart-warming father/daughter comedy by Laurie Trott, To Kill a Cassowary is set in the rainforest of Far North Queensland with extraordinary design including an AV design element that will surprise and delight. Directed by Bridget Boyle (The Longest Minute) with a team of award-winning designers and actors.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
A, B
Touring Party

Rated PG: Includes scenes with mild coarse language, mild depictions of violence in a stylised, theatrical or historical way, discreet references to sex, some partial nudity. Strobe lighting effects, smoke haze, loud gunshot sound effects and simulated cyclone effects are used in the show.

JUTE's vision is of a world made richer through theatre! With over 20 years experience of producing almost exclusively new Australian works, JUTE has a reputation for excellent performances, stunning design and surprising new stories. 98% of our surveyed audience consistently rate the quality of our productions as good-excellent and state that they would recommend to their friends! Peers from 'down south' are often surprised by the quality of JUTE work. JUTE is a champion for regional theatre and can bring our vast knowledge of working in the regions to your centre.

JUTE is a jewel in the Australian theatre industry and its time for us to share this with the world!

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Unique Selling Point

The set, cyclone effects, projected cassowary and other rainforest animals and birds.
This is a heartwarming story with an engaging father/daughter story. The audience responded to the amazing set and the special effects created by the sound, projection and set design. Story about the environment and the tropical rainforest.

Marketing Materials

A3 Posters, A5 Program, A6 Postcards, E-Signatures, Road Banner Signage, Social Media Graphics, Images for projections or digital displays. Education packs can also be provided electronically,

Community Engagement

The production was sponsored by Terrain NRM who develop partnerships to secure the health of our natural resources including the region's water, biodiversity, soil, climate, traditional owner and community assets. There may be an opportunity to connect with your local environmental groups to connect with this production and heighten awareness.

JUTE would like to connect with new and emerging writers in your region, through your venue or the RASN hub to undertake virtual or live writing workshops (youth & adult). These can be run in the lead-up to the show. The shows author emerged through JUTE's writing programs, so there is a good story to be told about the journey from new writer to professional production. The writing program connects emerging writers in your community to a network of writers across regional Queensland.

JUTE is in the process of developing an online Technical Production tool and this online tool could be purchased as part of the touring package for your local community and professional theatre-makers.
One of the artists touring with the show is the lead trainer for the JUTE Actors Studio - acting workshops can be supplied as part of the touring package