It takes a goddess to save everything...

In a world saturated with pop culture, selfies, narcissism, and the hunger for everyone’s 15 minutes, how can one god(dess) preach to the choir of modern civilisation in an effort to reclaim power over the mortals? Tragedy! (a new comedy) is a chance for modern day mortals to meet their maker... Well, one of them anyway.

This truly unique cabaret centres on the tribulations of the now redundant gods looking down from the heavens over this modern world. With boredom at an all time high, and in an effort to restore their meaning, one god has been sent down to address the mortals in a bid to reclaim power over their fates.

Tragedy! (a new comedy) is a cabaret for anyone who cannot live without their smartphone, wi-fi or their daily worship and pilgrimage to their favourite barista. It is a tongue-in-cheek show that pokes fun at modern society through the ingenious appropriation and mash up of Greek tragic texts with pop culture references and songs and the creation of original modern chorus works reminiscent of those epic ancient theatrical texts. It's a show about life as we know it; holding up a mirror, reflecting the ridiculousness of the world today.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
1 - 2

Screen projector Screen Sound Power

Tragedy! (a new comedy) has been designed to be performed anywhere. It packs down into one bag and the performer has all of the necessary equipment to get the show on the road! Really, the only requirements are a wall to put a screen up or project onto (if the wall is white) and access to power to plug in the projector and lap top.

Not Buttered Toast was created by Elizabeth Scales in 2017 initially to "umbrella" her original theatrical and film productions under one name. Not Buttered Toast is a fresh, young company that focuses on producing original work across stage and mixed media, working in collaboration with fresh and seasoned talent in Australia and abroad.

Though Not Buttered Toast is new in inception, the experience behind it is vast. Elizabeth Scales is a seasoned creator, performer and producer having worked on many projects in theatre, film, TV and radio across Australia, UK, Portugal and Brasil. Not Buttered Toast advocates individual and ensemble collaborations with a particular interest in diverse local and international partnerships / cultural exchange with a working motto that "anything is possible".

Unique Selling Point

The use of mixed media in the show is a point that sets Tragedy! (a new comedy) apart from the others; the show was conceived from the desire to perform a one woman Greek tragic chorus, which has been achieved with technology. However, it is not just because the performer on stage interacts with the projection but because the content incorporates iconic Greek tragic texts in a modern setting. The show makes Greek tragedy accessible with the mash up of these texts (whilst maintaining their authenticity) with pop culture references and music in a cabaret setting.

Marketing Materials

Press releases Reviews Images Promo footage Digital assets Print material templates Trailers (planned) Education resources will be created for Tragedy! (a new comedy) as this show is a great way to introduce Greek Tragedy to high school students. The show also comments on today's affluent and apathetic society, thereby opening a conversation for teenagers to reflect and discuss topical issues and our relationship with the world in this technology and social media driven world. It offers the opportunity to open out to deeper issues such as bullying and respect for ourselves, those around us and our environment.

Community Engagement

Tragedy! (a new comedy) has the potential to leave a legacy with the community through the content and themes of the production. This is particularly strong in relation to high school students and community theatre groups as the show makes Greek tragedy accessible. Therefore, there is the potential to host workshops and residencies with view to expanding upon Greek tragedy, mythology and the aspects of the genre. For example, with a community theatre ensemble or students, a workshop investigating the aspects of Greek Tragedy could be engaged with the goal to create an original Greek Chorus or melodrama or to present an authentic text (or excerpt) within the genre of Greek tragedy. There is the potential to stage a workshop that also investigates the themes present in Greek tragedy and to open the conversation as to how they are still relevant / relate to today's world. Finally, the discussion of the greater questions is another interesting point of engagement with opportunity to expand to exploration of other mythologies including the Dreamtime.

Another aspect is to engage with the community in creating their own work and offering support in how to stage an original production to offer their community.