“Charming and disarmingly clever… Drake is one of those rare provocative performers who are uber smart but ultra cosy at heart…” (Gscene, Brighton UK)

Jimmy is trying to quit romance, cold turkey, so he’s joined the Romance-aholics Anonymous group. Since his break-up, he’s been trying to prove that he’s “Great! Fine! Never been better!” His secret comfort is cheesy old black and white romance films – but don’t tell his radical friends…

An exposing, funny and tender look at queer and trans relationships, the bold visions we have and our often hilarious struggles to live up to them. Run-ins with the anti-monogamy police about jealousy, online dating mishaps and figuring whether to throw out or reinvent mainstream relationship ideals all combine in a smart, fast-paced take on dating in an age of social media and technology.

This accessible piece of theatre has struck cords with both LGBTQ and broader communities and has equally attracted non-theater- goers and theatre enthusiasts. The work features visually stunning, highly interactive projections onto inventive and surprising surfaces which spring up suddenly. The physicality of the piece is important – including acrobatics with a chair and strong embodiment of characters.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
  • Content: Performance contains some adult content (character does some non-graphic sexualised acrobatics with a chair) – although high school aged audiences have been attending showings

  • Site lines are important in the mid stage area (from knee height up)

Sunny Drake produces and tours exceptional multi-disciplinary theatre work by award-winning Australian and Canadian artists. Together, we create work which transforms our world through magical, quirky, humorous and connected stories and experiences. Work that surprises audiences with the wide variety of people who relate to the works, whilst being firmly grounded in queer and transgender aesthetics and stories. The works are created by professional artists in strong connection with community members in shaping the content, presentation and the activities surrounding the productions.

Sunny has toured work in the USA, Europe, Canada, Puerto Rico and Australia.

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Unique Selling Point

The show has sold out and gotten rave responses in Europe, the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada & Australia, and has been translated into 3 other languages.

Marketing Materials

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Community Engagement

Workshops & Discussions Ranging in length from 1 hour to multi-day, workshopss & discussion can be taylored to suit youth, adults, creative students, community groups.

Creative • Innovative video & multimedia in performance • One person performance • Telling Your Story: autobiographical performance or fictionalised autobiography.
• Community researched performance • Self-producing and touring independent performance • Individual artist or arts project mentoring

Show content specific • Personal Accountability in Relationships

LGBTTIQ Specific • Feminist Masculinities • Creating a Gender Liberated World! • Trans or LGBTIQ training for service providers or community • Trans or LGBTTIQ Leadership Development

Artist Q & A