Experience the extraordinary beauty of the TRANSLUCENT HOUSE - is it a mirage or an echo from the future?

Belloo Creative's TRANSLUCENT HOUSE is an interactive large-scale installation for all ages that focuses on the themes of climate change and adaptation to a changing world.

The installation is the next step in a long-term transcultural partnership between companies in Australia, Japan and New Zealand. An earlier iteration, the performance work ‘House in the Dunes’, played in a 400-year-old temple in Japan in February 2020 and TRANSLUCENT HOUSE extends the work into a magnificent, architecturally-designed installation.

A translucent house is positioned in a community space, with projected and audio vignettes that are gentle allegories about our yearning for intimacy and our cultural connection to home in a world of increasing impermanence.

2-3 people at a time are welcomed into the installation where they are immersed in stories told through projected video and audio design. Those outside the house view a softly lit interior scene and projected vignettes that connect story, environment and elements of the landscape in relation to our changing earth.

TRANSLUCENT HOUSE inserts a pocket of tranquility into public spaces and brings the delicacy and protection of interior dwelling into the exterior landscape. It features sophisticated intercultural elements through language and design and uniquely blended art forms.

Venue Format
Hall, Outdoor
Technical Rating
B, C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Belloo Creative is an all-female, award-winning independent theatre company that produces original contemporary cross-cultural works. Founded in 2013, Belloo explores new ways of firing the imagination and connecting stories with the human body.

Belloo is four women with decades of experience: Caroline Dunphy (co-artistic director and director); Katherine Lyall-Watson (co-artistic director and writer); Kathryn Kelly (dramaturg); and Danielle Shankey (producer).

Belloo is committed to developing partnerships to present works nationally and internationally. We have co-produced work with NORPA, Brisbane Festival, Queensland Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse and Critical Stages and toured to Japan, Queensland, NSW and ACT.

We value cross-cultural collaboration, risk-taking and rigorous process. We seek out partnerships, growing them into powerful relationships.

Our recent work includes ROVERS, which premiered at NORPA in 2018, before touring to Maleny and the Brisbane Festival. ROVERS is a two-hander and a contemporary comedy-drama celebrating the grit and daring of Australian women.

Other works in development HOUSE IN THE DUNES is a contemporary cross-cultural installation work exploring our rapidly changing world in a gentle and poetic way for all ages. The installation version can be toured with no performers in a Covid-safe way. BOY, LOST is an exciting large scale work premiering at Queensland Theatre in 2021.

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Unique Selling Point

TRANSLUCENT HOUSE includes stunning projection designed by New Zealand Arts Laureate Daniel Belton and Good Company Arts.

TRANSLUCENT HOUSE includes a hands-on, all-ages, all-abilities guided work area where people can engage with the themes and create ‘a village of houses’ to display onsite or to take home.

This contemporary multi-art form participation encourages a happy and calm experience where the public engage with onsite recycled materials to create a connected cardboard village.

Participants are empowered to explore the installation environment around them through observation, sensory immersion, story and art-making.

Marketing Materials

Belloo will be creating marketing material including print material, digital assets and a trailer for the work.,

Community Engagement

Belloo is seeking QLD presenters and venues who wish to partner and/ present this project through artist residencies and/ creative development processes and/ presenting productions hosted within their communities.

  1. Multi-generational community workshops to investigate the cultural & creative significance of sand & sand play. Development and exploration of a ‘sand pod’ installation.

  2. Public space activation and community engagement process exploring cultural responses to home and climate change.

  3. First Australian's Perspective (Kirk Page / Performer/Guide): Kirk Page has lineage connecting to the Mulandjali clan in South East Queensland and Badu Island in the Torres Strait Islands and will bring his deep knowledge of culture to the Sand project.