What is the price of internet fame?

As society attempts to keep up with the rapidly changing new World of social media and online footage, Viral asks the question, how do we define our social responsibilities?

The play fuses physical theatre, verbatim text, multiple role-sharing, multimedia and political theatre into an intense, visceral, provocative and entertaining piece.

Viral looks are the role of the “bystander” and the effects of living in an overly litigious society where everyone has access to a recording device that can broadcast every interaction to the entire World. “Viral” also explores de-sensitization, diffusion of responsibility and online ethics.

Viral was inspired by a number of true events and was developed with community consultation and workshops aimed? at gathering multiple perspectives about these issues.

Viral premiered at the Arts Centre Gold Coast in September, 2016 and has been performed at NORPA in 2018.

Viral was nominated for 4 Matilda Awards in 2016 (Best Independent Production, Best New Australian Work, Best Actor – Sam Foster and Best AV Design)

The production won the 2016 Matilda for Best Independent Production.

Viral is written, directed and performed by Sam Foster and Hayden Jones and is published by Playlab.

Viral has been licensed to Akershus Teater to be performed in Norway between 2019 - 2024.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Suitable for 13 years +

Show can be adapted to fit in most theatre venues.

All AV and sound cues operated through Q-lab and LX triggered via midi control.

The set is small and portable and can be bumped in and out of the venue in a short time (4 hrs)

The show requires minimal technical crew from the venue.

  • 1 x LX/ AV Tech
  • 2 x Venue Mech
  • 1 x Front of house staff

Minimum stage dimensions are: 10m wide x 6m deep x 5m high

Standard Lighting Rig. LX plan available on request.

Pre-rig of LX and Projectors required.

Shock Therapy Productions to supply; Show operating computer (with Q-lab), set, props and costumes; projector; LX console and sound card.

Shock Therapy Productions is a Gold Coast born arts company founded in January 2015 by Sam Foster and Hayden Jones.

Shock Therapy Productions has quickly established itself as a leading company in the delivery of high quality, relevant, multidisciplinary performance, and a leader in the Arts and Culture sector on the Gold Coast and in South East Queensland.

Company founders Sam Foster and Hayden Jones have a wealth of industry experience, artistic vision and enthusiasm that drives the ethos of the company.

Shock Therapy Production’s vision is to create Provocative Arts Experiences, through story telling that explores what it is to be human - provocative, challenging, uplifting and impactful.

Shock Therapy have been awarded the Matilda Award for Best Independent Production 3 times and have also been finalists in the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneurs Awards twice.

The company currently receives Triennial Operational funding from the City of Gold Coast.

Shock Therapy’s work has been commissioned by major festivals, been published by Playlab, toured both nationally and internationally and been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Viral is a Matilda Award winning production that has been published by Playlab. It has not only been performed in theatres (Arts Centre Gold Coast (HOTA) and NORPA) for a general public audience but has also been performed in secondary schools throughout Qld over 100 times since 2016.

The issues that this play address are current and relevant to the modern World we live in and in particular how we engage with technology, social media, events online and the media at large.

Viral has been licensed to Akershus Teater to be performed in Norway between 2019 - 2024.

Marketing Materials

Published by Playlab (Digital and Hardcopy) Teachers Resource Pack Press Release Promo Trailer Production Images Poster Design/ Hero Image

Community Engagement

Shock Therapy Productions have a wealth of experience in delivering workshops for all ages and skill levels from school students to industry professionals. They have taught workshops in a range of areas including acting, physical theatre, devising theatre, producing and play writing and can cater workshops to meet the needs of most communities. These workshops can be offered in association with the touring production of Viral. These workshops can range from 1 hr - 1 day.

In addition to workshops, Shock Therapy Productions can offer Artist in Residency for schools, community groups or venues. Shock Therapy have devised and directed professional and youth theatre projects at several schools, venues and companies including HOTA (Arts Centre Gold Coast), NORPA and Queensland Theatre. These residencies can offer a deeper community engagement and can run for anywhere between a week to a month. These residencies can culminate in a public showing of any work developed throughout the residency.

Both the workshops or residencies will leave local members of the community with a range of new skills in the area of performing arts. This will create future opportunities for locals to enter the industry with relevant and useful skills and leave a lasting legacy for the community.