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VOID is a story that speaks about the impact of child abduction on the families and the immediate communities. A mother and father, who have spent fourteen tortured years pining for their daughter who was abducted when she was only four, and who have separated as a result of this incident, portray their agony in two separate monologues. In the process of recalling the happy and loving times they had with their child, and despairing over the years they believe they have missed seeing their daughter into young womanhood, they express thoughts that range from rational reflection to raw despair, from blame to self-blame, from anger to acceptance.

Venue Format
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The production is very cost-effective and we can tour with a small crew

Wild Dreamer Productions (WDP) is a commercial Australia-based start-up aiming to produce professional stage productions, curated in Queensland, to travel throughout Australia and internationally.

The company aims to unite, empower, encourage independence and respect towards upcoming artists and creative artists through creative projects, addressing the issues that are of greater importance to the society.

WDP was founded by Aarti Bajaj, bachelors in Indian Classical Dance (Bharatnatyam) and has been training in classical, contemporary dance and theatre for 25 years along with bachelors in Physiotherapy (BPT), Post Graduation in Medical Ultrasound (PGDMU), Masters in Medical Ultrasound (MMU).

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Unique Selling Point

VOID is a two-person stage show that presents a heart-wrenching journey of two parents who are facing the loss of their child, battling the consequences of their actions. With well-written scripts, lyrics and original music, VOID beautifully and intensively highlights the impact of missing persons on families, relationships and society as a whole. With the intense drama and tragedy story, the audience will surprisingly be left with satisfying feelings which result from feeling grateful for the circumstances in their lives or from feeling connected to other people.

Marketing Materials

Resources currently available:

  • Marketing, Public Relation and Administration team
  • Marketing flyers and flyers
  • Printed media walls
  • Images
  • Promotional footage
  • Production website
  • Presenter’s pack
  • Main performers
  • Scripts and choreography
  • Music

Community Engagement

Wild Dreamer Productions is bringing together artists from all over the community and providing them a platform to express new ideas, learn new skills and create truly magical theatrical experiences. Wild Dreamer Productions has always been involving communities in our artistic processes and products. We work closely with communities to develop and deliver products by consulting with community members and groups about how to make the production more relevant to the community. With commitment, respect, cultural knowledge, resourcing and shared vision, Wild Dreamer Productions can make the community engagement work. We are also very determined to learn together throughout the process, gather feedbacks, evaluate the outcomes to ensure a positive legacy for all parties. There are more than 6,000 people missing each year in Queensland, and more than 38,000 people in Australia. Therefore, Wild Dreamer Productions takes great interest in the issue and believes it needs to be addressed. We see the opportunity to raise awareness of missing people issues and emphasize its reach to the wider culturally and linguistically diverse community at large.