Wasteland is a highly tourable circus show that brings together two professional circus artists, two experienced young artists from Flipside's performance troupe, and renowned director Chelsea McGuffin.

The production is based on a show of the same name that premiered at the Brisbane Powerhouse in November 2017 - directed by Chelsea McGuffin, and devised with/featuring 12 young artists aged 9 to 17 years of age.

About the touring show: Besieged by mountains of rubbish, four extraordinary performers recycle and reuse discarded items, reimagining circus and what our future could be.

Wasteland is an energetic and engaging circus performance about potential, hope, resilience and survival. The show combines beautiful aerial and fast-paced tumbling routines – replacing recognisable circus apparatus with repurposed materials and scrap.

“…we wanted to make people stop and think, we also wanted to show there is hope – that the future is what we make it.” - Kelsey Booth (performance troupe member)

"The audience spent the night holding their breath, in compete awe of the talent of these young performers." - The Creative Issue

Venue Format
Technical Rating
Touring Party

The touring production of Wasteland is being re-built to use a free standing rig for all the aerial elements. This aerial rig is approximately 8.5 metres high at full extension but can be reduced to as low as 4.5 metres.

This makes the technical specifications for the show much more simple and removes the need for rigging points or for local presenters to provide riggers.

Flipside Circus is Queensland’s largest youth arts company with a national reputation for excellence in training and performance, and for supporting Queensland's circus sector.

We believe circus provides a unique opportunity for young people to show off, take risks, trust, dream and aspire, work hard, laugh, and to have fun!

Flipside is a not-for-profit organisation that provides:

  • Regular classes and training at our Alderley training centre and right across Queensland;
  • An artistic program of performances by, for, and with young people;
  • Community and social circus programs;
  • Support for Queensland's circus artists and independent companies.

Flipside Circus values children and young people as cultural creators and works with a regular team of extraordinary trainers and artists.

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Unique Selling Point

In keeping with the themes of recycling, the set and apparatus for Wasteland are made from repurposed/recycled materials.

Wasteland features energetic, determined, and passionate young artists from Flipside's performance troupe working beside professional artists. It is an opportunity for young audiences to be inspired by their peers; and for older audiences to appreciate the skill and dedication of our young artists.

A range of excellent community engagement activities and workshops accompany the production. When scheduled in the lead up to the performance these create excellent word of mouth and help build audiences.

Marketing Materials

Press releases, poster and flyer templates, images, promo footage (shooting later in 2017), social media content, and education packs are all available. .

Community Engagement

Workshops Fun and challenging workshops focusing on; building self-confidence, physical skills, fitness, trust, teamwork, and empowering participants to express themselves.

Residencies Over two or more days the residencies help empower local communities to tell their own stories in their own spaces, and often culminate in performance outcomes.

Community activations The company will travel with a portable outdoor trapeze and can tailor activities for communities while the circus is in town. Successful past activities have included park activations, trapeze workshops at fetes, markets, or at sports fields (timed with regular training/games) and workshops with local sporting/gymnastic/community clubs.