One monster of a fairy tale.

Fairytale love takes on new meaning in this spellbinding thriller. A mortal doll finds herself trapped in her captor’s unknown underground kingdom where her precious existence hangs solely in the hands of the one who keeps her captive. Will she manage to draw on her imagination and hang on to the threads of hope long enough to outplay her captor and survive? Dance, theatre, music and visuals meet to create a captivating and hauntingly unforgettable experience that impels contemplation and incites conversation about our own understanding of relationships and love.

Delving into the darkest chambers of the human heart White Porcelain Doll highlights the all too familiar epidemic of abusive relationships. A poetic and epic work it illustrates, through extreme circumstances, common motivations, attitudes and expectations: of men about women; about relationships; and about entitlement. At its heart this gripping live theatre experience exposes the complexity of relationships and meditates on the preciousness and fragility of human life.

“The audience was spellbound. It’s impossible to escape your own thoughts. Even after the applause and bows, the audience, still caught up in the thrall, were reluctant to move.” – Stage Whispers

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

This show is for Mature Audiences. It contains nudity, adult themes, and strobe effect.

The cost of this show may be reduced depending on the type and quantity of projectors that the venue have available.

The venue is required to provide rostra. Set-up requires rigging slings to be mounted for the curved curtain that is part of the set. A black out is required.

Given the show's themes, information for audiences and workers about how to access relevant health and community service and support providers should be made available.

Prying Eye is the partnership of Lizzie and Zaimon Vilmanis. Originally known as acclaimed dance theatre performers, more than 20 years of global arts experience: choreographing, directing, teaching, research, management, and collaboration has diversified their expertise. Unbound by singular title and artform classification they collaborate with the surrounding world, assembling diverse and exciting voices, approaches, experiences, and arts practices to create unique and relevant live performance works. Recipients of many competitive grants and residencies, most recently they were selected participants for the prestigious Tim Fairfax/Sidney Myer Capacity Building Program. Well respected for making uncomfortable topics approachable and for overturning people’s expectations., peers, reviewers and audiences alike describe their productions as “imaginative, courageous, provocative, sophisticated, important, human and committed”. Works by Prying Eye have featured in programmes and performance seasons for the likes of Cinedans (Nederlands), Choreoscope (Spain), NagiB Contemporary Dance Festival (Slovenia), Brisbane Festival, Supercell Dance Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Noosa Long Weekend Festival, Expressions Dance Company, Queensland University of Technology, Sir Robert Helpmann Centenary Awards, and Adelaide College of the Arts. Trademarked by the physical, emotional and cognitive richness, Prying Eye works are remembered for their constructive lasting impact they have on audiences long after the performance is over.

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Unique Selling Point

For White Porcelain Doll, the beauty and vulnerability of movement is layered with music, theatre, and projection to build a uniquely poignant experience of exquisite interdisciplinary art that powerfully resonates. It has extensive appeal drawing audiences beyond dance who identify with its broader themes: the coming of age; protection of family; and mortality. These themes provide relevant access points for audiences to feel comfortable venturing into the abstract and metaphorical world of dance theatre. Importantly, the performance opens up constructive discussion not only about those themes, but also about today's most current topics including female experience, abuse, and gender bias.

Marketing Materials

"WPD" is designed to appeal to general public, dance isn't the focus; marketing should push the appeal of 'gripping thriller'. Campaigns like #MeToo, #violenceagainstwomen, and #WhyIStayed/WhyILeft provide much opportunity to draw attention through online media. Leading up to performances, Prying Eye will facilitate activities to build interest through engagement that: exchanges knowledge; builds relationships; equips participants with tools to aid creativity, collaboration, and critical discourse; and provides insight into the performance, its creation, and its themes.

Prying Eye's support includes:

  • Marketing copy
  • Print materials
  • Digital assets
  • Images (print/digital)
  • Promotional footage
  • Access to support and information about domestic violence.

Community Engagement

TOOLS FOR CRITICAL DIALOGUE Trained in 'Critical Response Process', Prying Eye can share tools that empower local community to more actively engage with and communicate about art, building a larger, more robust and informed arts community. These tools can be practiced in relation to our show also providing insight about its themes and the processes involved in creating it to deepen audience engagement.

SHARING OF CREATIVE PRACTICE AND TOOLS FOR COLLABORATION We very much enjoy sharing the tools that we use to make work and to collaborate with others. Activities can be tailored towards artists, educators, or non-artists. Participants exchange knowledge, build relationships and strengthen artistic and collaborative capacity.

TALKS/Q&A'S ABOUT THEMATIC CONTENT Engagement with local experts/organisations/groups and local community to discuss domestic violence, broadening awareness and understanding about it and encouraging support seeking action.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Intensive training sessions can be organised for arts educators/workers developing skills to assist them to educate others in their organisation.