Imagine a show that shuffles Bowie, Corelli, and DeepBlue originals remixed with lush strings, big beats and rock ‘n’ roll. The performers’ exquisite playing, precision moves and circus antics are guaranteed to delight audiences. Non-stop choreography, stunts and an incredible connection between players shatter the orchestral stereotype.

'Who Are You' is all about the music and the moments that shape our lives. From the moment of birth, to teen angst, from first falling in love to growing old, 'Who Are You' takes the audience on a journey through the seven ages of life.

DeepBlue will dig deeper into the desires of their audience, continuing a conversation, which has previously seen their fans text in their dreams and song requests. Audiences are invited to use their phones to access DeepBlue’s ESP, an Electronic Show Programmme full of information about DeepBlue’s music and performers. This ground-breaking web app also enables audience members to confidentially share identity-forming moments of their lives during the show which are merged seamlessly with DeepBlue's immersive visuals.

'Who Are You' has toured to South Australia and Western Australia and DeepBlue look forward to bringing it to regional Queensland where they've built an audience through shows performed in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
C, D
Touring Party

DeepBlue, the orchestra unleashed, combines lush strings with big beats and rock ‘n’ roll, The performers’ exquisite playing, precision moves and stunts are guaranteed to enthral crowds.

Since 2008 DeepBlue have received huge exposure through their live performances and TV appearances across the country, at massive shows across Asia and in the US.

DeepBlue were finalists in one of the highest rated episodes of Australia’s Got Talent 2011 and won the Australian Performing Arts Centre Association's 2009 Drover Award for Excellent Audience Response.

DeepBlue have developed three shows, four CDs, one DVD and completed nine international and national tours. This output was achieved through meticulous planning, a strength recognised early in DeepBlue’s career by the Queensland Government Vortex4 Best Business Plan & Best Financial Plan 2006.

Audiences are invited to use their mobile devices to access DeepBlue’s mobile web app - The Electronic Show Programmme (ESP) that is full of info about DeepBlue’s music. This groundbreaking idea also enables audience members to confidentially share identity-forming moments of their lives during the show.

DeepBlue's community engagement program involves a wide demographic of young string players (YoungBlue) and community choirs (ChoralBlue). Participants do workshops on the day of the show and flash-mob the stage to perform with DeepBlue.

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Unique Selling Point

Innovations like the ESP add a new dimension to the performance, which connects the audience with the performers in new ways.

DeepBlue's high energy performance, irreverent attitude, immersive visuals and lighting, and a repertoire which includes about 40% popular covers makes this modern orchestra accessible and appealing to a broad audience.

Marketing Materials

There is an extensive collection of marketing resources including a media release, poster template, brochure template, high res photos, broadcast quality video and the YoungBlue and ChoralBlue workshop packs.

The YoungBlue and ChoralBlue community engagement programs are very effective in selling tickets as the target market is contacted well in advance and the friends and family of workshop participants are keen to see them perform with DeepBlue. These activities also make a great story for local media.

DeepBlue toured regional Queensland in 2008, 2009 and 2010, have kept in touch via regular emails, and have received many requests to return.

Community Engagement

Through their YoungBlue and ChoralBlue progarms, DeepBlue engage with young musicians and local choirs to develop a unique performance opportunity on the night of the show. In the lead-up to the tour, music is sent to key local music educators and choir leaders who help teach the piece to their students/choir. Thus participants come to the workshop prepared to work on the creativity and choreography of their performance. This is a rare opportunity for local musicians to perform with an internationally touring band. Feedback from many of the participants across Australia, Asia and America, regularly confirms the experience revolutionises their attitude to performing and playing their instruments.

DeepBlue also engage the audience in the following ways: • Audience participation through the Electronic Show Programme (ESP) • Performing in amongst the crowd during the show • Spontaneous acoustic entertainment during the interval • Performers’ stage banter which includes some of the audience members’ ESP comments • The show visuals also include some of the audience members’ ESP comments • Performer meet-and-greet with audience members and community musicians after the show