Get on board our spaceship to WHOOSH into outer space. Are you a pilot, navigator or maybe you’re an engineer? Choose your role before we WHOOSH our spaceship across the galaxy. Pilot the ship to make an emergency landing on the mysterious Planet X! What strange adventures await on this amazing alien planet? Let’s work together to repair the ship and return to Earth.

Whoosh! is an interactive multi-sensory adventure that puts children with profound and multiple disabilities at the centre of the action. Children participate in an immersive performance where they can see, touch, hear, smell and taste the action as the story unfolds around them. This highly-tailored production will be suitable for children with a broad range of access needs, including those on the autism spectrum, aged 5 – 12 years.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
4 artists and 2 touring manager/crew

We want to make programming Sensorium a more viable prospect for venues who are unused to the extra input/preparation required for neuro-atypical audiences’ enjoyment, as well as maximise the amount of performances we can provide during a season.

We understand the challenges of presenting work for an audience that may require a tailored approach with specific communications. Sensorium Theatre and Performing Lines WA have been touring their work for the past three years including regional, national and international tours. The team is highly experienced at delivering to this audience and will work closely with all presenters to assist in delivering Whoosh!.

To help with this, a pioneer digital app that familiarise audiences with the performers and narrative before and after the show will also be available for presenters and audience members., and streamline communications and audience engagement.

Performing Lines WA nurtures the development of West Australian artists whose work pushes boundaries and sparks new conversations. We work with independent artists and small-to-medium companies to get their projects off the ground, working closely with them at any point of a production’s life: from the seed of an idea to development, premiere, and national and international touring. We provide advice and support, and work collaboratively across the sector to advocate on behalf of artists and presenters locally, nationally and internationally.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Sensorium Theatre is currently the only theatre company in Australia creating work specifically for children with disabilities - including children on the Autism spectrum. We tailor our performances to include those who may have limited movement/sensory impairment/complex communication needs.

WHOOSH! References every child’s dream to be an astronaut, inviting them into a completely interactive sensory playspace where they can choose their role in the performance and join an exciting outer-space adventure. Supported by high production values and an extensive research process – our spaceship is part interactive science exhibit, part virtual reality game and part theatrical performance.

Marketing Materials

A comprehensive marketing pack including marketing copy, print material templates (poster and flyer), high resolution images, promotional video and advice on marketing strategies and audience development.

Access to an innovative digital app that works on smartphones, tablets and classroom smartboards. This app will deliver learning resources, social stories and mini-games to familiarise audiences with the performers and narrative before and after the show.

Whoosh! is an 'inclusive' show, where children with additional needs are catered to, alongside mainstream audiences. We can present disability only performances as well as mainstream shows. Final development of Whoosh! starts mid-November 2017 with show completed April 2018.

Community Engagement

We aim to change the conversation around access to cultural product for audiences with disabilities. We provide support and training for venues, councils and other artists to encourage them to take action to improve access and inclusion and develop connections with their local disability community. The engagement begins long before we arrive at a venue where we partner with venue staff to consider how they currently engage with their audiences and how we can help maximise the impact of Sensorium Theatre visiting their community.

We can lead a professional development session for all venue staff when we arrive, and extend that offer to local artists, venue partners, schools and local council (for council-run venues). Our Awakening the Senses experience is a 1.5 hour, thought provoking session for up to 20 people.