Wilbur the Optical Whale - the friendliest giant in the sea - come meet Wilbur and his underwater sea friends.

'Wilbur the Optical Whale' by Karen Lee Roberts, is a fully immersive, interactive and accessible performance for children aged 3 – 8 years. Set in an exquisitely crafted underwater world, with themes of bullying and acceptance, this is an inclusive work designed to celebrate difference. Indelabilityarts is an artist led, disability Arts Company from Queensland. In this, our latest work, we are collaborating with Flipside Circus, Clint Bolster and Elise Greig to bring ‘Wilbur’ to life. When Wilbur the Whale gets teased by the 5 starfish meanings for wearing his glasses, the whole undersea world gets turned upside down! Will Wilbur and his best friend Cecil the shark be able to stand up to the meanies? will the starfish gang see the error of their ways? Will the all powerful sea set them on the path to kindness and empathy? Incorporating stunning circus tricks, digital & visual imagery, tactile sensory play, integrated Auslan, music, and spoken word, Wilbur is sure to engage, excite and captivate anyone. This work has been proudly supported by Brisbane City Councils' Creative Sparks grant, Arts Queenslands’ Queensland Arts Showcase Program (QASP) Arts Ignite and the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts (JWCoCA). This work will be ready for touring 2020 onwards.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
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Touring Party

Rigging and flying as part of this show and performers with disability.

indelabilityarts is an inclusive theatre company that provides professional artistic and training opportunities for artists and community members who identify as having a disability. Our professional ensemble creates original work that communicates the lived experience of each artist across a range of performance modes to challenge the perceptions of audiences and industry alike. We further nurture the social, personal, physical and mental wellbeing of participants through our workshop series that offer ongoing skills development and training for community members with a passion and interest in the performing arts. Through our inclusive practice we aim to foster acceptance and understanding for those who usually feel marginalised, discriminated against, or excluded from arts practice so that they can access and make work that both reflects their experience and caters to their needs. We have toured regionally and nationally with our shows Look Mum...No Hands! and Love me;

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Unique Selling Point

indelabilityarts creates work that is artist led. Wilbur is a show that combines the circus skills of Flipside performers along with the ensemble members from indelabilityarts. Wilbur the Optical Whale is a show that is specifically designed to engage everyone in a sensory story from start to finish. It is a world where children with disability and those without are united, coming together to watch and immerse themselves in Wilbur and his underwater world. All our shows are interpreted, have quiet spaces and are designed to include and engage providing a sensory journey, transcending language, ability as well as culture.

Marketing Materials

Published children's book & CD of music Marketing copy, Promo footage, Images - rehearsal and behind the scenes - there will be more images as we further develop the work. We are currently developing support materials for schools and community groups.

Community Engagement

Our production is a multi-layered experience. Pre-show, the performance, post show as well as an opportunity for sensory play in and around the set outside of performance times. The pre-show consists of engagement activities including meeting characters from within the show and learning about Wilbur's underwater world, facts about the sea and the creatures that live beneath the water as well as providing resources for preparing the children to participate in the show (in-role activities, visual art, physical theatre and music). This is open to early education, school and disability groups as well as the general public so they are able to, in their own time experience what the show will entail. After the show we offer a series of different workshops including circus, music & song, craft and or visual arts activities using re-purposed materials. During these workshops the the children can relive moments of the show or create their version of their favourite character for eg; the gang of wild starfish meanies, Cecil the shark or Wilbur and walk away deeper understanding of what it takes to look after one another and our underwater sea friends. We also offer the opportunity to explore the set through interactive sensory play.