WILD SILK STRINGS PROJECT, a 9-piece ensemble led by internationally acclaimed vocalist Ingrid James and award-winning pianist/composer Louise Denson, offers a rich program of songs from around the world, drawn from folk, jazz, Brazilian, pop, and classical repertoire. They were the featured Australian artists in the 2016 Wimbledon International Music Festival and have performed at Noosa Jazz Festival, Brisbane International Jazz Festival, BEMAC, Brisbane Jazz Club, Ipswich Civic Centre and Doo-Bop Jazz Bar.

Jazz has always incorporated melodies and rhythms from other musical cultures, making it a perfect medium to give expression to universal stories.? The lyrics and melodies tell stories about the lives of fisherman in Brazilian villages, spring in Rio de Janeiro, a Finnish soldier leaving his loved one behind in WW1, and universal themes of love, longing, nostalgia, hope and joy.? ? These stories are set to samba, bossa-nova, cha-cha-cha, bolero, funk, and swing rhythms. Included are exciting arrangements of famous songs by iconic artists such as Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Gordon Lightfoot and Supertramp.

WILD SILK received? financial assistance from Arts Queensland and Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University to develop repertoire and record their first CD 'Colours of Your Love', which will be released in spring 2018.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Outdoor
Technical Rating
C, D
Touring Party
9 musicians + 1 tour manager + 1 technician

Tuned acoustic piano preferred (or weighted key full keyboard); Drum kit (small); Bass amp Sound system with foldback, 8 - 12 channel preferred, 6 minimum. Stage large enough to accommodate 9 musicians 3 chairs (string players) 8 music stands (9 if keyboard instead of piano)

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Unique Selling Point

Wild Silk Strings Project centers on the twelve-year creative partnership between critically acclaimed artists Ingrid James and Louise Denson, the longest running female jazz collaboration in Australia. Wild Silk features the unique musicianship and band leadership of these two highly respected female role models and mentors. The voice/rhythm/winds/strings instrumentation of the ensemble is unique in Australia, and listeners are treated to an ever-changing pallet of colours, textures, dynamics and moods. Diversity of rhythms and repertoire, and strong storytelling make the music accessible and appealing to a wide audience. The ensemble offers excellent musicianship and production values.

Marketing Materials

Ingrid James and Louise Denson will offer workshops on vocal skills, musicianship and song-writing along with performances. James and Denson are experienced educators with many teaching resources available. Marketing collateral: -live performance show reel (Youtube) -Videos of live show compilations and whole songs (Youtube) -Studio recorded CD to be released in spring 2018 and distributed by MGM. It will be sent to reviewers nation wide; ABC Radio National and Digital; local radio stations throughout Queensland, in particular in advance of performances. -Group bio and short/long descriptors -Facebook page (Facebook paid promotion) -Instagram -Website -Posters -High res images (James, Denson, ensemble)

Community Engagement

Wild Silk Strings Project will provide support for increased participation by aspiring musicians in music in communities where they perform. Young women in particular will benefit through exposure to female role models who lead a project which has artistic and critical integrity. In addition, workshops designed to enhance vocal skills, musicianship and song-writing will be offered in conjunction with performances. Research shows that mentoring by female role models is integral to successfully supporting women’s careers in music. “The solution to gender inequality in music is not a simple one – but beginning by empowering young women to explore music, and to actively pursue opportunities to perform and to be heard is one step in the right direction” (Canberra Times, 2016).
The range of instruments in the ensemble is also significant. Strings are more usually associated with classical music, but their use in a cross-genre setting such as Wild Silk presents new musical possibilities to the audience. This, in combination with the fusion of styles (folk, jazz, pop, classical, Brazilian), will make Wild Silk’s performances unique and memorable.