WIRELESS is a new inter-media dance theatre work about trust, privacy and control by Choreographer Lisa Wilson and Composer Paul Charlier, layering dance, music, design and on-stage interactive technology.

WIRELESS uses existing applications on mobile phones held by and attached to dancers to create and control an accompanying musical score, translating this data into an aural environment, which gives a physical presence to the radio waves that surround us, through which we communicate and the dancers interact.

We are using this technology to go inside and bring out something that is quite dark and fragile inside every individual – loss of trust. It is not about the technology as a game played out in front of an audience nor using the technology as an extension of human physicality but as an extension/expression of human desire.

We desire connection but simultaneously build glass walls around ourselves and then are shocked when our privacy is shattered.

So... WIRELESS is about trust and deception, untethered technology and untethered people ...and the ways we use our phones as a instrument of constant desire.

WIRELESS is being developed with the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts through Fresh Ground.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue

We are looking for interest to help support our future funding applications, with a second stage development planned for early 2014, and the premiere and touring in 2015

Lisa Wilson Projects creates distinctive and original performance works, which layer striking visual design, powerful yet intricate physicality and sense of the human condition. Lisa has a twenty-year international career, working as director, choreographer, performer and educator. Her body of work moves across genres having created for theatre companies, opera, large-scale instillation work, multi media performances, company commissions and full- length independent work.

Lisa’s choreographic credits include: Lake (Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts), Elbow Room (Brisbane Powerhouse), Sydney Dance Company, Queensland Theatre Company, Opera Queensland, The Australian Ballet, Dance North, Queensland Ballet Company, Expressions Dance Company, The Place Theatre ‘Resolution!’ (UK), Rambert Dance Company’s Education Department with the English National Trust (UK), QUT’s Dance and Drama departments, Ausdance Qld’s Belltower ll series and the 2008 World Dance Alliance. In 2011 Lisa was awarded the Hephzibah Tintner Choreographic Fellowship, to work with the Australian Ballet, Sydney Dance Company and Opera Australia. As a choreographer, educator and performer, Lisa has worked in festivals and theatres in Japan, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, China, Germany, Mexico, New Caledonia and the U.S.A.

Company Website

Marketing Materials

Wireless will be marketed widely to schools, dance schools and youth groups with a comprehensive community engagement pack.

Digital platforms to run alongside touring would include a facebook,instagram and twitter presence, which will be created during the second stage development of Wireless in early 2015.

Wireless will have high quality photographic and video marketing material.

Community Engagement

The Wireless 'company' has the experience to initiate and deliver a flexible and responsive community engagement plan.

A choreographic kit for teachers will be developed, focused on upper primary and secondary school levels. It will be available freely to download on www.lisawilson.com.au/education These notes can feed into ‘workshop and show packages’ but also leave a resource behind for continued development and fresh ideas for teaching and experimenting with choreography.

The workshop opportunities will be led by Wilson or an experienced rehearsal director and by all performers in the company. The level of experience of the performers in this work is exceptionally high, combining nationally recognised artists. This will ensure a high level of interest from students and professional artists alike, to take up workshop opportunities offered.

Workshops aim to inspire, invigorate and educate participants.

An ‘early schools performance’ or matinee, will include post show artists talk, for discussion with the performers. Preceding the tour, contacts can be made through theatre managers networks of dance schools and community groups, who may be interested in a workshop and informal artist talk at their studio. Several dance schools may be able to join together to host an artist meet and greet event.