WIRELESS is about untethered people and untethered technology.

It is a developing work by Choreographer Lisa Wilson and Composer Paul Charlier, weaving dance, music and design through interactive technology. WIRELESS uses familiar applications on mobile phones held by and attached to dancers to create and control an accompanying musical score in order to give eavesdropping and surveillance both shape and sound on stage, creating an inter-media dance-theatre work about trust, privacy and control.

WIRELESS uses tracking technology to go inside and re-present something dark and fragile inside each individual - loss of trust. It is neither a technological game played out in front of an audience nor a use of technology as an extension of human physicality. It is technology as an extension and expression of human desires.

We simultaneously desire connection and secrecy, intimacy and anonymity but instead create distance and suspicion, building glass walls around ourselves. Then we are shocked when our privacy is shattered.

WIRELESS is about disconnected trust as we grasp our ever-attached smartphones - instruments of constant desire.

Venue Format
Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

The work is still in final development so more information will become available following the premiere season. The Company will travel with most technical equipment required. Presenter to provide high quality projector.

Royalties amount to be confirmed for this production.

Royalties fees are TBC

Lisa Wilson is an independent artist, director, choreographer, performer and educator with an international career spanning over 20 years. She creates distinctive and original performance works, which layer striking visual design, powerful yet intricate physicality and a sense of the human condition. Her body of work moves across genres and includes pieces for theatre and opera companies, large-scale installations, multi-media performances, company commissions and full-length independent works. www.lisawilson.com.au

Metro Arts supports the development of new performance work, and in turn has established a Producing Hub which elevates work to a local, national and international marketplace. The Producing Hub provides a unique support structure for creators of new performance works in theatre and dance, connecting artists and their work to the market through facilitating national and international touring. Metro Arts is invested in the development of new artists and new work, and the Producing Hub ensures that the stimulation and development of ideas within independent contemporary arts has an impact upon the wider arts community.

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Unique Selling Point

WIRELESS will attract a wide cross-section of audience, from dance/music/theatre audiences to the general public. The work extends on a ubiquitous concept that affects society and adds to the current conversation nationally on our human condition, through innovative dance practice. The thematic provides a broadly engaging entry point and the theatricality and intrigue of the technology will pique the attention of theatregoers. The technical experimentations in WIRELESS have resulted in choreographic innovation and an immediate appeal to an audience to engage with the work.

Marketing Materials

WIRELESS will be marketed widely to schools, dance schools and youth groups with a comprehensive community engagement pack.

Digital platforms to run alongside touring will include a Facebook, Instagram and twitter presence, which will be created during the premiere season of WIRELESS.

High quality photographic, video marketing material and other extensive collateral will be available after the premiere season.

WIRELESS is Lisa’s follow-up to her nationally successful LAKE and presenters can be assured of return audiences who are now familiar with Lisa’s work.

Community Engagement

Lisa Wilson is determined to create high quality dance work that is accessible to broad audiences through its incorporation of recognisable themes and strong emotional engagement between performers and audiences. This work has the potential to open up conversations within the community about the important issues of privacy and security.

The Wireless company has the experience to initiate and deliver a flexible and responsive community engagement plan including a choreographic kit for teachers that can be an ongoing valuable teaching resource for continued development and experimentation as well as planned workshop opportunities/post show artist talks. The workshop opportunities will be led by performers in the company and will inspire, invigorate and educate participants. The level of experience of the performers in this work is exceptionally high combining nationally recognised artists. An ‘early schools performance’ or matinee can include a post show artist talk for discussion with the performers. Preceding the tour, contacts can be made through theatre manager networks, dance schools and community groups who may be interested in a workshop and informal artist talk at their studio. Several dance schools are also invited to join together to host an artist or run a meet and greet event.