An uplifting show combining live music, narration and projected images celebrating the life and music of piano HonkTonk great, WINIFRED ATWELL. Million selling West Indian born WINIFRED ATWELL emigrated to Australia where she was enormously popular through the 50s 60s and 70s. Pianist extraordinaire, JAN PRESTON, together with her band, performs sparkling renditions of her hits (such as "The Black and White Rag") and tells a fascinating story of fame, charity work, racism, and the common touch. With 150 outstanding images from Canberra's National Library, Jan Preston's respect and admiration for Winnie shining through, this is no ordinary tribute show.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Whilst a grand or upright piano is an asset, I have a keyboard with a custom made attachment so it looks like a small grand piano which I can play.

Unique Selling Point

Winnie Atwell's story and the accompanying images represent an Australia of 40 to 60 years ago that has gone. Her tireless work for Australian Charities such as Disabled and Disadvantaged Kids, Aboriginal children, the Blind Association of Australia, together with her warm and generous personality which touched ordinary people and celebrities alike, not to mention the upbeat Ragtime and Boogie Piano music rarely heard these days, combine to present an engaging and emotional journey.

Marketing Materials

Publicity photos of Jan Preston Publicity photos of Winifred Atwell Flyers and Posters A 2 minute youtube clip of the show.

Community Engagement

Audience members after the show invariably recount to me their memories of meeting Winifred Atwell and hearing her play. Some knew her personally. I am currently collating these stories, together with my previous research, for a book also called "Wonderful Winnie". Being an icon of Australian history both inside and outside the Entertainment Industry at that time, I feel these are important stories to be preserved which invariably reveal the warmth, humour and generosity of Australian people.