Woop Wagon is about friendship and belonging and how the connection between the two build a rich community. The show asks the children what makes a home and how does home effects our happiness? The moment the children engage with the space they are enrolled as mini mechanics and hence become the experts of the situation. The mini mechanics are given the task of helping Woopie, the wagon’s heart, find a forever home. The show is driven (pun intended) from the suggestions given by the mini mechanics. The actors guide the overall narrative, engaging the mini mechanics in a series of interactive scenes that recreate iconic Australian destinations for example; the beach, in hopes to of finding Woopie a home. Each scene allows for a different style of engagement; imaginative play, sensory play, guided storytelling, singing and dancing. The children are crucial throughout the whole performance, navigating the world through their scope of understanding and taking the actors on many hilarious twists and turns along the way. This show breaks the boundaries of audience and actor and encourages children to engage as co collaborators!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The General Public Juniors is a children’s theatre company in association with The General Public Theatre Company. The General Public began devising new works for fringe festivals in 2015. After producing several successful shows in its first two years, the company began dreaming of shows that could ignite the imagination of all the mini drama kings and queens of Australia. In late 2016, several of The General Public’s key creatives teamed up to launch The General Public Juniors.

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Unique Selling Point

We have created Woop Wagon based on our two greatest strengths as a company:

• We create quirky and original works that are relevant to a young audience.

• We are experienced drama educators who understand how children grow, learn and connect with the world around them.

As a company we love working collaboratively with children because they enter the space rich with curiosity and imagination. We believe there is a gap between live performance and arts workshops and Woop Wagon has bridged that divide. Woop Wagon engages children as co-collaborators making the experience dynamic and engaging!

Marketing Materials

Education pack which includes information about the shows relevance to the Australian curriculum// Teacher resources that include three follow up lessons for the classroom. //Production images. //Marketing copy

Community Engagement

As Woop Wagon is an interactive show about community and belonging. As a performance it allows children to actively reflect on what makes their community and home special. This is done through its delivery. The last scene of the show is set in the community of which it is being performed and therefore is altered for each performance. This scene allows children to recreate their home town and celebrate its uniqueness.

This becomes a great starting point for meaningful community engagement. Throughout the tour the company would team up with local arts centres to run a workshop series for children on devising original performance. This would be delivered as a week long program culminating in a public performance. The performance would be based on local stories and the children's experience of living in a regional area.